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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Visit Kapilasa Mountain a Famous Siva Pitha and Tapobana a Pilgrimage of Mahima Dharma in Dhenkanal District of Orissa, India

Kapilash is famous for Siva Pitha and Tapoban menas Forest or Park for Yoga and Meditation, the birth place of Mahima Dharma, when Mahima Gosain reached Kapilash Siva Pitha and started Atma Yoga Tapo and could see Lord Mahima in 1862 and started Mahima Dharma.

The holly Mahima Ashram of Gosain is there now also for Saints of Mahima Dharma and also is being used as Bati Ghara. Every Year a Annual Function and Yatra is being performed there on 10th Day of Bright Half of Kartika month (Oct-Nov). Deep Forest High Mountains and Streams are all the composition of beautiies of Kapilash is attracting people to visit or to have a picnic with piligrim there.

Kapilash is situated in the north east corner of Dhenkanal town at a distance of 26 Km from the district head quarters. The temples are situated in height of about 2239 feet from the sea level. The temple is 60 feet in height. There are two approaches reach at the temple. One is through climbing 1352 steps and the other is 'Barabanki' or the travel twisting way. Narasinghdeva I constructed the temple for Sri Chandrasekhar in 1246AD.The temple has a wooden Jagamohana. Sri Ganesh, Kartikeya, Gangadevi, etc. Patita pavana Jaganath also remain in the temple as 'Parsa deva'. Lord Biswanath temple is also situated in Kapilas. According to some scholors this temple is older than the Chandrasekahr jew temple, hence it is known as 'Budha linga'. There are many legends about Kapilas pitha and its significance. History says it was the ashram of Kapila muni, to some scholars it is the second Kailash of Lord Siva. Dridhar swami who wrote commentary on Srimad Bhagavatham stayed there. There are some monasteries in the premises.

How to Reach: It will be about 100 KM from Bhubaneswar. Dhenkanal the District Head Quarter will be about 80 KM from Bhubaneswar and it is well connected with National High way and Indian Railways, you can find Taxi to visit Kapilash which will be about 26 KM from Dhenkanal. You can also visit Maha Binayak via Tangi and Chatia to Kapilash.

Visit Gupteswar famous for Shrine of Lord Shiva nearRamagiri, Koraput, Jeypur of Orissa enriched with natural beauties, High Hill Ranges, Deep Forest

Gupteswar is a famous cave shrine of Lord Shiva. It is located at the top of a limestone hill named Badudi Hill which is about 500 meters above sea level.

The place is surrounded by a dense forest of Sal trees and flanked by Kolab river, and Sabari River, a 2 m high Shiva Linga stands in the cave since unknown times means it is created from nature locally says Patal Futa. The shrine is called Gupteswar which means the ' Lord Siva of Hidden Place.'. It is so named because it was lying hidden in the cave up to 1665 for a very long period.

History: In 1665 the King of Jeypur State Maharaj Sri Bikram Dev was got a Order from Lord Shiva in dream to find out the Hidden Place where the Lord Shiva was established. Then King started searching all forests and hills there around and got the Holly Shrine in a cave and started worshiping since then. The Great Maha Shiva Ratri is being celebrating every year.
One can reach it by climbing the 1000 steps flanked with rows of champaka trees. The entrance of the cave is about 3m wide and 2 m in height. There are also several other caves nearby. Inside the second cave there is a large statue called Kali Gai (Black Cow) some people worship it as Kamadhenu the divine cow means who fulfills any wills of devotees, One have to wait there with outstretched palms under the Panha of Kali Gai to collect drops of water which fall only at long intervals and getting a drop of water from Kali Gai is the bestow of God to be blessed with all happiness and prosperity.
The Place is popular with the name of Gupteswar or as Gupta Kedar in the vicinity, this holly place is endowed with unusual panoramic natural beauty, and is associated with Shri Ramachandra the great hero of the epic Ramayana. According to mythology, the linga was first discovered by Lord Ram when he was roaming in the then Dandakaryana forest with wife Sita and brother Laxman and later worshipped it calling it Gupteswar. The poet Kalidas too, described the scenic beauty of Ramgiri forest where the cave temple is referred to in his famous ‘Meghadutta'. The nearby hill has been named "RAMAGIRI.
However, with the passing of time, the temple was unused since the King Sri Bikram Dev searching to get it. Lingam was being worshipped by the tribes of Koraput region. During Shivaratri Celebration Gupteswar Temple draws over 200.000 devotees from Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Chattisgarh. People suffering from incurable diseases come here to worship the god and remain here for months in the hope of getting cured.
Other Attraction Places: Never forget to see the near by places, which are also having great value for your visit Gupteswar.
Paravadi: Paravadi means Para: Pigeons and Vadi: Rack means the Rack for Pigeons. Where you can find thousands of Pigeons of different color living there and popular folklore is that the Pigeons living there are having a great moral and religious value in their behavior. And it is also believed that some of pigeons are living since the mythological age.

Sabari River: Sabari means the feminine word of Sabara the local name of Tribal people and called so in Oriya. The ever floated River Sabari floating in high stone base gives most attraction with fear.
Children’s Park: A children’s Park is maintained there for visitors.

Medicinal Garden: A Garden is maintained there with thousands of species of Rare Medicinal Plants and it is a better place to recognize some rare Plants there.

Tiger Cave: Out of many caves a cave is named Tiger Cave where tigers were living then.
Rama Kunda and Sita Kunda: During Rama Banabasa Sri Ramachandra and Devi Sita and brother Laxman was living in Ramagiri Hill for Months and Sri Rama and Devi Sita was bathing there to worship Lord Shiva in separate ponds now they called so Rama Kunda and Sita Kunda.

Rama Pada , Hati Pada, and so many caves are there to visit.
How to Reach: It will be about 50 K.M from Jeypur. One can find the way to Gupteswar at Ramagiri on the way to Baipariguda from Jeypur. As the Jeypur and Koraput are connected with National High Way and Indian Railways from Vijaya Nagarm in Andhra Pradesh you can reach there in either means. And you can find Night Bus Services from Bhubaneswar to Koraput and Jeypur and even upto Baipariguda on the way to Malkanagiri. You can find Taxi service and Lodgging and broading facility at Jeypur and Koraput to visit the Places around Koraput.

Approximate Distances from Important Places in Road

Bhubaneswar – 610 KM
Berhampur- 440 KM
Koraput- 68 KM 
Jeypur- 52 KM 
Jagadalpur 58 KM 
Raipur- 380 KM 
Vijayanagaram 190 KM 

Hirakud means Island of Diamond near Sambalpur !!! Where a Dam has been costructed on the river Mahanadi for Multipurpose activities

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Hirakud means Island of Diamond !!! Where a Dam has been costructed on the river Mahanadi for Multipurpose activities . Hardly 20 minutes drive from Sambalpur is the dam. Photography of the dam is not allowed from security point of view,
The Hirakud Dam is a composite structure of earth, concrete and masonry. It is the longest major earthen dam in the world measuring 24 km including dykes, standing across the river Mahanadi. The main dam has an overall length of 4.8 km spanning between two hills; the Lamdungri on the left and the Chandili Dunguri on the right. The dam is flanked by 21km long earthen dykes on both the left and right sides, closing the low saddles beyond the ajoining hills. The dam and dykes together measure 25.8 km. It also forms the biggest artificial lake in Asia, with a reservoir holding 743 km² at full capacity with a shoreline of over 640km.
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Cattle Island exists in one of the extreme point of Hirakud Reservoir, a natural wonder. It is near Kumarbandh village of Belpahar-Banharpali range which is about 90 km from Sambalpur. By motor launch from Hirakud Dam, it is closer by 10 km via the river. The island is nothing but a submerged hill, and prior to Hirakud Dam construction, it was a developed village. Only cattle inhabit the island. During the resettlement period, villagers left some of their cows and bulls behind; when the dam construction was over the cattle settled down on the hill-top. By the passage of time the nearby area filled up with the reservoir water, turning the hill-top to an island. Being away from mankind, the cattle are now wild, very swift and not easily caught. Living on a hilltop with dense forest, they are larger than tame cattle. Almost all are white in colour. Nearby residents attempt to hunt these animals from time to time, but these hunts are rarely successful. Though descended from tame cattle, these animals provide a contrasting picture of this breed of animal returning to life in the wild.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Talasari Sea Beach , a beautiful beach and picnic spot of Balasore / Baleswar district Odisha , India

Beautiful Beach Garden at Talasari, Baleswar, Odisha, India

Fishing at Talasari Sea Beach,  Baleswar , Odisha
Talasari Sea Beach near Chandaneswar of Baleswar , Odisha

Talasari Sea Beach, Baleswar, Odisha : Return after fishing

Beach living of fishermen at Talasari Sea Beach , Baleswar, Odisha

How to Reach:  Regular transport is available from Jaleswar in Orissa and from Digha in West Bengal. Nearest rail head is Jaleswar 49 KMs away.Only 06 KMs  from Chandaneswar and It is connected with a good road from Balasore  , which is  99 KMs. and Digha  6 KMs.
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Bagha Irrigation Dam Site a Beautiful Picnic Spot, in lap of Deep Forest and Natural Environment in Bauda District of Odisha, India.

Bagha Irrigation Dam site is attracting thousands of Local Visitors to have Picnic there around the Year. The Panoramic Picturesque of the water body and Deep Forest will enchant you for the day. You will find visitors every day organizing Picnics there.
The Dam has built on the River Bagha whose catchment area lies on the hundreds of high Hills of the Phlubani districts. The dam is about 187 Meter and the water has spread about 1 KM around. Park of Fruit Trees around the Dam and in Colonies will attract you to stay there for another day or to have a visit again. If you trek insight the Forest it is chance of seeing a wild animal. The spectacular view of Deep forests and High Hills with sun Rise or Sun Set with condensed white smokes from the roof of thatched houses will erase your all day to day life unwanted vibrations.

You can also be attracted towards the simple living styles of Tribal Peoples living around the site.

How to Reach: The Dam site is situated at the Sagada Village of Bauda District. It will be about 23 KM away from Sonepur via Manamunda in east. And it is about 45 KM from Bauda the district Head Quarter via Bausuni in West –South direction. The distance from Bhubaneswar to Bausuni will be 260 KM and Sonepur will be 280 KM. Both Manamunda and Bausuni is on the way of State High Way from Bhubaneswar to Balangir. And the High Way is in its progress to be National High Way shortly. You can find Night Journey Govt. Buses from Bhubaneswar to reach Bauda, Bausuni, Manamunda or Sonepur in early on the Morning and you can rent a Car or Trekkers to reach the spot.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Travel to see Bhimkund in Angul district of Orissa , where you can find rare sleeping statue of Lord Vishnu or Anantasayan of lord Bishnu.

Orissa cultural heritage and the Architectual surprise of India the Sleeping Idol of  Lord Vishnu or say Anantasayan at Bhimkund

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The Bhimakund where the Anantasayan statue of Lord Bishnu is situated which is present in the bank of river Brahmani at a distance of about 50 km from Angul town and 28 kilometers from Talchera, Orissa / Odisha. This is the second largest sleeping statue of vishnu in India. The place is Famous for its holistic value and beutiful picnic spot to visit and merrymaking.

Size of  the figure is about 42 feet long and 8 feet wide and expected that is created during 8th-9th century AD. It is listen that an Instution ,  Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts which is working  for the preservation of the architect. This is the best archaeological Sites of Odisha /Orissa.

How to reach:- The place is aboout 28 kilometres from Talchera by bus and 50 kilometres from Anugul Town by Bus.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves - The earli School of Jain Monks, now famous Place for Mahima Dharma Visit Bhubaneswar Orissa Odisha

Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves - The earli School of Monks Bhubaneswar Orissa

Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves are rock cut caves excavated in two adjacent hills stand separated only by a narrow road at Khandagiri Chakka of Bhubaneswar at a distance of around 6 km from Bhubaneswar Bus Station.  ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) has carried out some extensive repair work inside the caves. There are 33 rock cut caves in all. 18 are in Udayagiri cave whereas 15 are in Khandagiri caves. The magnificent caves are said to be built in the 2nd century during the reign of King Kharavela of Chedi Dynasty. They were carved out as residential places for Jain Monks. They were discovered only in 1825 by A Stirling. Many of the caves have beautiful carvings that reveal a lot about its origin and past. Inscription and carvings on the walls show that they once served as Jain Monasteries. Few caves also show connection to Buddhism.

Udayagiri Caves

Udayagiri Hills which means 'Sunrise Hills'. You will find caves at different levels of the hill.Udayagiri hill which is 135 feet tall was earlier called Kumari Parvata  There are 18 caves in Udayagiri starting from the base of the hill itself. All the caves are numbered and many of them are also named.

The main and the most attractive caves is situated at the base itself. Named as Rani Gumpha, it is one of the few double storied caves in these hills. 'Rani Gumpha' or 'Queen Cave' is the largest cave and has gone under extensive repair work. The carvings on the wall generally depict scenes of celebration on king's victorious return. There are religious carving as well as scenes from the royal courts. Jain symbols are also found at many parts.

Ganesh Gumpha which is situated directly above Rani Gumpha is another major cave. The hall strongly resembles a Buddhist chaitya hall. The figures on the wall clearly show that they were once the worship halls for Jain monks. Other interesting cave is Bagh Gumpha and Hathi Gumpha. The entrance to the Bagh Gumpha is carved in the shape of a tiger's open mouth and is visually quite splendid. Though Hathi Gumpha is not as appealing as others but it has great importance historically. A 17 line Brahmi inscription tells us about the expeditions and victories of King Kharavela.

Khandagiri Caves

Whereas 118 feet high Khandagiri hill was known as Kumara Parvata.Khandagiri hill houses 15 caves of which Ananta Cave is the most impressive one. Along with the caves, there are a couple of Jain Temples as well. Even these caves are numbered with few are being named. One thing to notice is that most of the caves are named based on the carvings on the walls of the caves. Like Cave 1 and 2 are named 'Tatowa Cave' as there are carvings of two parrots on the door arches. The caves have figures as well inscriptions on the walls. Then comes the main Ananta Gumpha. The cave is named after carvings of two serpents on the entrance. To save the cave from falling, there have been few additions done as a part of restoration work. The carvings on the walls of the cave depict figures of women and children, athletes, lions, bulls and many other animals. The carvings are different in all the caves. Carvings and structure of some caves tells us that they were once used as dormitories for Jain ascetics.

Tourist Information

The caves are situated right adjacent to Bhubaneswar. So it is not a problem at all to reach here and are a good option for a day excursions from the capital city. The caves are open from sunrise till sunset. There is a nominal entry fee for the caves. The caves can be visited throughout the year but the best time to come here is between October and March.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Visit Tikarapada Reserve Forest a Wild Life and Gharial Crocodile Sanctuary & Breeding Satakosia Gorge in River Mahanadi near to Angul Orissa India

Tikarapada Reserve Forest Or Satakosia Wild Life Sanctuary a Nature Tent for all visitor love to be in Lap of Nature and to feel excitiment with Wild Lives. The beauty and panaromic view of the High Hills around with Deep Forest and Wide Sand beach of River Mahanadi will attract you to stay for another day there in the Nature Tent. You will find picnicer and visitors there starting from the Pampasar Gate up to Tikarapada On Mahanadi River.

You will find Tents on sands of the River Bank as a fascility by Satakosia Wild Life Forest Division for Visitors. Big Umbrellas with Tables and Chairs like Five Star Hotels or Resorts are being provided there to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Where you can stay with prior permission of the Forest Department. The Tents providing water and solar light fascility with beds for Two people will offer you scenic delights of the wildlife at its best in both day and night.

Beautiful Tents for Night Stay on the sand  of the River Mahanadi  

The Gharial crocodile sanctuary, situated there on the bank of Mahanadi River and caring habbits of the local people will also be remeberable and tempting. The blue water of Satkosia Gorge and boating in river will show you Tortoise and different water birds with their natural living style. If you are brave enough to trekk around or as an environmentalists or as a photographer then you will not return with a empty hand or mind.You may find as an ideal place for you to practice river rafting and fishing. Travel in this natural environment and experience the call of the wild at every nook and corner of the forest.

Satakosia Wild life Sanctuary Binkey near to Tikarapada a beautiful nature habitat.

Large sand of  River bed bounded with high hills and serpent water body will enchant U at Tikarapada Wild Life sanctuary area.
Eye catching high hills and deep forest around you are totally in Lap of Nature 
You Can Catch the sound of the predators, and your chance to watch the elephant, tiger, leopard, Sambar, Gaur, Spotted dear, Poisoned Snakes if you trekk. You can hear high pitched voices of the tribal clans singing from the adjoining village, renders it all the more natural and mystical. Load your backpack with dry foods, mosquito repellents and drinking water and make your way towards the depths of the forest.

Keep alert lookout for antelopes, as they vanish in a fraction of a second before you could actually catch a glimpse of them.The swamp water of the lake provides a perfect breeding ground for these reptiles.

If You move in deeper in the jungle, you may witness a lone Crested Serpent Eagle gliding in lazy circles, searching for its prey. Or a Hornbills rising suddenly from a tall tree. A beautiful Racket Drongo streaks through the path, its black tail trailing behind. It's a sheer feast for the eyes. The best part of this Forest is the old world charm that it has preserved.

How to Reach: How to Reach: Tikarapada is in west-south direction of Angul Town of Orissa and it will be about 45 KM away. If you count from Bhubaneswar it is about 205 K.M. You may reach to the spot hiring a Car or by Pvt. Bus from Angul as it is well connected in road and rail and is situated on the National High Way which is connecting Bhubaneswar to Sambalapur.If You are visiting from Berhampur then Charichakka a Sqaure of State High Way connecting Bhubaneswar- Balangir- Berhampur, where you can find a Car or Trekker for visiting the Place but you have to cross the river Mahanadi from south to north. You have to call loudly to call a boat man from other side of the river.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taptapani, a beutiful Picnic Spot and Holistic Place in Deep Forest and High Hills of Ganjam District of Orissa , Visit the place and have a Hot Sulphor Water Bath and spend time in lap of Nature

Hot Sulphor Water Bath at Taptapani , Ganjam Orissa / Odisha , India
The bubbling hot spring of Taptapani lies deep in the forests and high on a hill about 56 km from Berhampur. The hot waters, believed to have medicinal properties as mixed with sulphor cures many skin diseasy. Taptapani the Hot Spring , Deer Park , Holistic Bath at Lord Shiva, and moreover the beauty of the rolling tribal inhabited hills are the main attraction has been added to this panaromic place attracts thousands of visitor picnic parties and devotees every year especially in winter.

Deer Park at Taptapani Hot Spring , Ganjam , Orissa / Odisha , India

Source of Hot Spring at Taptapani , Ganjam, Orissa / Odisha , India

Stay at Panthanivas :  If you think to stay there in Panthanivas, you will find  Hot Sulphur water of Taptapani Hot Spring are also provided directly into the bathrooms of the Pantha Niwas (Tourist Bungalow).

Pudamari, Ganjam - 761014

Phone: 06816-255031,06814-211631 email: /

Monday, February 22, 2010

Devkund Water Fall a Beautiful Picnic Spot , in Udala division of Similipal Forest Range of Mayurbhanja District of Orissa can be visited via Nilagiri / Udala from Panchlingeswar.

Devkund :

Devkund Water Fall a Beautiful Picnic Spot , which  is a part of the Udala division of Similipal Forest Range can be visited  via Nilagiri / Udala from Panchlingeswar. It is 90 km from Lulung, 69 km from Kuldiha and 87 km from Balasore. From Balasore there are regular bus services to Udala (59 km). From Udala there are jeeps for going to Devkund at a distance of 28 km. The last 5 km trail is through a dense forest surrounded with hills. The lake formed by a waterfall jumping from a height of 50 ft to the Devkund.

There are four other falls too and each of them makes a Kund or lake so there are five Kunds in total; and that explains the name—Pancha Kunda (Place of five lakes).

Climbing up more than 100 steps from Devkund, at the source of the river, there is the temple of Devi Ambika Mata (Durga temple), which is worth seeing. Pujas are still performed in the temple built by the kings of Mayurbhanj in 1940.

The chirping sound of known and unknown birds, the multi-coloured butterflies add to the charm of Devkund.

Devkund, because of the difficult conveyance suffers from ignominy and the tourist map does not mention it at all. Sadly enough, there is no accommodation at Devkund.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Famous Picnic Spots blessed with a waterfall in Odisha Tourist Places.

Orissa  / Odisha is a blessed with many  rivers basically provided by the monsoon rains. Which create gorges, river valleys, fertile basins and spectacular waterfalls as they pass  through the state to fall in  the Bay of Bengal.

Some welknown waterfalls are  Barenhipani, Joranda, Badaghagra, Sanaghagra and Khandadhar waterfalls are the prominent ones in Orissa. Duduma, Harishankar, Handibhanga, Hatipathar, Khanduala, Miriglotah, Mruga Mahadev, Nrusimhanath, Phurli Jharan, Pradhanpat and Putudi are other minor waterfalls in a state that provides sufficient attraction to be choosed as a PinNic Spot in Winter.

Peculiarity of all these  tourist attractions is each one has a story to tell - of history or mythology - besides being apt for picnics, sightseeing, treks and outings.

You can find many hotels and lodges in the nearby areas of these spots where you can stay comfortably during your tour of Orissa.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Visit Beautiful picnic spot Khandadhara Water Fall in Keonjhar district of Orissa

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Beautiful Picnic Spot , the Khandadhara Water Fall

Visit Konark is one of the Seven Wonders of the World in Odisha, India

Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark constitute the Golden Triangle of tourism in Orissa. The Konark is amoung them with the world famous Sun Temple. It is indeed an epic in stone. Today, this it is preserved like a wonderful gem as a monument of World Heritage. Konark is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
Konark (lat. 19.53'N; long. 86.06'E) is a small town in Puri district. Sea beach of the Bay of Bengal is about 4 kilometer away. It is 70 km from Bhubaneswar in the direction of south-east. You can find the way in left at Pipili which is 15 Km away from Bhubaneswar on the road to Puri. The name Konark is derived from the word Kona+Arka=Konark, which means the Arka (Sun) of Kona (corner), the corner being that of Trikona or Triangle on the bank of the River Kushabhadra. Again it may be known from if that place is in any specific angle is being noted to that of the sun.

To Visit Konark you can easily reach by road from either Bhubaneswar or Puri which are important stations on the East Coast Railway. You can find rented car or bus to visit from either place. The Orissa Tourism Development Corporation has provision of luxury coaches to Puri and Konark on a one-day conducted tour. You can visit all the year round but October-March is the ideal time to visit Konark.

It is said that the temple was built at a cost of twelve years' revenue. Twelve hundred workmen toiled twelve long years to complete it.

There is again the fascinating story of a country boy, is a saga of courage and sacrifice of a 12 Year Old boy named Dharmapada or Dharama, the son of Bisu Maharana, the chief mason, who fixed the kalasa or Mundi (The Head of the Temple) at the top of the temple, Where all the workmen were failed to do so in despite of repeated attempts, but the spirited boy seeing his father Bisu Maharana, in agony, did the impossible feat at midnight. And for the shake of the humiliation of (Bara Saha Badhai) 1200 workmen he flung himself into the sea. So that it often called a phrage in colocal language that “Bara Saha Badhei re Dai kimba Pua re Dai” Either You are responsible for 1200 workmen of responsible for your son only?

Panchalingeswar a Beautiful PicNic Spot and Holyplace of Baleswar district of Orissa /Odisha

Baba Panchelingeswar, The Linga can be touched in side the stream water.

Beautiful Mountain with Rocks attracts thousands of Picnicers every Year. Orissa Tourism

Panchalingeswar a Beautiful PicNic Spot and Holyplace Lord Siva near Baleswar district of Orissa

Visit Thengo Dam a beautiful Picnic Spot in Sonepur District of Orissa .Odisha to have a feel of healthy natural environment.


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Thenga Dam Site : A famous Picnic spot in Sonepur district is Thengo Dam Site of Birmaharajpur Block on Harihara Jora Irrigation Project. The Dame site is attracting thousands of local visitors around the year to have a picnic there under the natural and beautiful environment around.

The spectacular water body in foot of the hills and deep forest with cool environment will give you a touch of nature. You can rent a wooden boat with boatman for boating in there. You can also see and feel the charming sound of different species of birds including peacock there in the jungle. Some times in winter you can also find the foreign birds there that are in migration to Chilika Lake. Some times there is also possibility of seeing an elephant, bear or a wolf there in the jungle at the Dam Site. A picnic under the deep shadow of the Jungle will never be erased from your brain if visited.

How to Visit : It is will be 35 Km away from Sonepur the District Head Quarter in North direction via Dharmasala on bank of River Mahanadi, Kotasamalai famous for Patali Srikhetra and Jaloi. One can visit from Sambalapur it will be about 90 KM away in east direction via, Dhanupali Chaka of Sambalapur, Huma famous place for Tilted Temple of Lord Siva, and Goddes Metakani on the way to Ulunda, Dharmasala. In other way one from Deogarh or Angul can visit from NH 42 at Charmal or Motibahal Chaka. You can stay at Sonepur to visit other near by famous spots and temples in the district.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Visit Chandipur Sea Beach near Balaswar of Orissa, a most beautiful and distinct beach you have ever visited .

Wide exposed seabed during sunset at beautiful and lovely sea beach at Chandipur Odisha

Beautiful Chandipur Sea Beach in Night Time

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Chandipur at Sea : If you are visiting Baleswar then make a trip to Chandipur Beach which is not to be missed as the beach at Chandipur is special and more way distinct from any beach you have ever visited.

Here, the sea water moves back into the horizon by nearly 5 km twice each day.
If you fear for a receding sea then relax and sit down on the sand and take in the beauty of this rare sight. The waves take their own sweet time to slowly move back to the shoreline and caress the feet of those who braved to walk on the temporarily flooded seabed.

Once the sea back into the horizon, the wide exposed seabed, besieged red starfishes and floated woods that make for souvenirs also, it is open for you to walks, go swimming and build sand castles and wait for the sea to head for another round. And run and if you think a jeep ride then its OK... You will find many things from the retreated sea beach, as a beachcomber then go for gathering seashells and gift them to your children or even if to your beloved one or keep collecting.

You may visit other places staying here at Chandipur. The Khirachora Gopinath Shrine in Remuna (25 km); Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary and Jagannath Temple in Nilagiri (40 km); Bhudara Chandi Shrine in Sajanagarh (45 km); Shivalinga, elephant herds and trekking of Nilgiri Hills, a hill station at Panchalingeswar (45 km); the Simlipal National Park and Tiger Reserve (100 km) and the nearby waterfalls and Shakti Shrine of Deokund are the other tourist attractions nearby Chandipur Beach, Orissa, that you can visit on your tour to Chandipur Beach.
You may reach easily by auto rickshaw or taxi from Balasore, the accommodation at Chandipur is plentiful. Enjoy your stay at Chandipur Beach, of Baleswar ,Orissa.
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Padhanpata Water Fall near Deogarh Town ,Deogarh District of Odisha State , a great Picnic Spot.

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Padhanpata Water Fall near Deogarh Town ,Deogarh District of Odisha State , a great Picnic Spot

A beautiful picnic spot in Keonjhar District of Odisha , Gundichaghai Water Fall visit it and Enjoy

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A beautiful picnic spot in Keonjhar District of Odisha , Gundichaghai Water Fall visit it and Enjoy

Visit Odisha visit Saptasajya a Bed of Seven Hills or Seven Beds of Lord Bhagawan near Dhenkanal ,Orissa, India


How to Reach: Saptasajya is in west-south direction of Dhenkanal Town of Orissa and it will be about 20 KM away. If you count from Bhubaneswar it is about 100 K.M. You may reach to the spot hiring a Car from Dhenkanal as Dhenkanal is well connected in road and rail and is situated on the National High Way which is connecting Bhubaneswar to Sambalapur.
Pick Time: December to February is Pick period for Picnicker. Unprecedented flow of people happens during that period.
Schools, Colleges especially engineering colleges from the state and outside of the state come to have a Picnic here.

Saptasajya means Sapta: Seven, Sajya : Bed, means Seven Beds of Bhagwan Bishnu, here the beauty and panoramic view or you may say lap of Nature composing of seven mountain beds including several cascading streams flowing from hill tops, cackle of birds and streams, healthy smell of earth with smell of flowers and buds of medicinal plant. Once you reached the Saptasajya Hill, you will be attracted to so many thing you never seen or never heard. You may trek the uphill across many small stream flowing down. One Temple of Lord Siva is there and you will not find any bazaar or market for getting your liking foods so you must be adjusted to available foods or snacks or you may take your prepared food or you may be prepared for a picnic there as most of visitors came here to have a picnic. You can find another small Shiv Ling near above to this temple, passing through lush green forest and bushes of wild flowers and an Ashram on the top where a Sadhu or Monk is dwelling and Practising dhyan . You will feel... So cool...thick forest all around...sound of the streams mixed with the chirping sound of Cuckoos. And the most beautiful part --- the Stream is flowing down to directly falling on the Shiv Linga, on the rock base and no temple is constructed there.
You will find the mouth of the stream coming out from below a rock Just 10 ft above the Siva Ling. A Folklore you may hear, there are some caves above this place of the mountain where only the priest of the Saptasajya can go as Shiv Bhagwan himself stays in those caves guarded by Tigers…Another is that Pandavas of Mahabharat had rested here for some time…when they were in Banabasa.
Enjoy your Leisure at SaptaSajya! Have a Picnic! Find a way to express your love to a beloved one with a Red Rose there!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Harishankar a Famous Picnic Spot, Temple, Forest with vast medicinal pants and Piligrimage of Orissa in Bolangir District, India

Harishankar : Hari the Name of Lord Bishnu and Shankar, the Name of Lord Siva, the Temple is Meant for both Bishnu and Siva, idol of Union. Again it is learnt that when the great disciple of Ramachandra in Ramayan the Great Epics of India , the great hero Hanuman was flying with Giri Gandhamardhan means the Great Mountain called Gandhamardhan from Himalayan Range which one was full of medicinal plants and was required for the treatment of Laxman, who was at death during Rama Ravan Fight at Sri Lanka, a part of mountain was fallen there and now the people is also calling in same name Gandhamarchan and now it is also with rich medicinal plants.

The Mountain is about 30 KM in Length, 1.5 KM in height and 10 KM in width and enriched with Alumina is creating a platue like plane on the top with valuable Sal, Non Sal woods including hundreds of medicinal species and it is maintaining a good ecological balance to its surrounding Orissa and Chhatisgarh state. And hundreds of Tribal family are earning their rosi roti (Fooding and Clothing) through selling valuable forest products.
The spectacular ever green dense forest, flowing of natural spring and the presence of Jala Devata, Harishankar and Temple creating a great pilgrimage and picnic spot for visitors attracting hundreds of visitors daily to the Place.
Slipping on the stone with running water at Harishankar will give you a remarkable memory of the life.

How to Visit : Harishankar is about 70 KM from Balangir in the west direction through Patnagarh. Again Balangir is about 330 KM from Bhubaneswar in west via Khurda, Nayagarh, Dashapalla, Bauda, Sonepur. As Balangir is well connected with Indian Railways and Buses from Bhubaneswar you can reach easily either by train or bus, from where you can rent a Taxi for visiting the Place.

Folks are enjoying Lunch under the deep forest and of the Gandhamardhan mountain

Mr Papu is Playing with Unknown Girl Kids of Chaatisgarh at Harishankar

Harishankar is in Balangir District of Orissa, situated near to the western border of the State. Don't forget to plan to visit Nrushighnath nearly 40 KM away from Harishanar. The Nrusinghanath Temple is situated just adjacent to Harishankar in Opposite side of Gandhamardhan Hill.
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