Monday, August 15, 2011

Famous Tourist Places of Kendujhar / Keonjhar District of Orissa / Odisha , Visit to see Famous Temples of Lord Siva and Maa Tarini, High Hill water falls, Deep Forests.

Keonjhar District:

Ghatagaon: Ghatagaon in situated on the highway between Jajpur and Keonjhar. It is the Maa Tarini temple located here is the focal point of the place. There is also Ghatakeswar Mahesh Shiva temple build near the Tarini temple. The place is rarely 50 kms from Jajpur on highway. See Video

Khandadhar: Khandadhar is 60 km from Keonjhar town. Water fall of about 500 feet in height, amidst lush green forests is the point of attraction.

Badghagara: 10 km from Keonjhar towards Sambalpur, 200 feet waterfall

Sanghagara: 6 km from Keonjhar towards Sambalpur, 100 feet waterfall View Sanaghagara

Gonasika: 45 km from Keonjhar, Surrounded by a series of valleys and wooded hills, temple of Brahmeswar Mahadev (on the river Vaitarani), this is the place from where the river starts flowing, A little away from the point of origin, the river goes under ground and hence called Guptaganga, only to be seen jumping after a short distance over a stone projection looking like the nostril of a cow, Gonasika hill, Ghatakeswar Mahesh Temple

Gundichaghai Water Fall : A beautiful Picnic Sopt

Sitabinji: 30 kms from Keonjhar (23 Kms. on the Jajpur-Keonjhar Road), Ancient fresco paintings on a rock shelter called Ravan Chhaya which is like a half opened umbrella

Murga Mahadeva: 70 km from Keonjhar, Shiva temple, perennial spring, and water fall.

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its d so beauty place in orissa.
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