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Famous Places of Mayurbhanja District of Odisha Orissa to see sanctuary with springs, mountains and Waterfall, Wild Life and Famous Temples

Mayurbhanj District Map
In East West Bengal and Baleswar
In North: West Bengal and Jharkhand
In South : Keunjhar Dist and Jharkhand
In South : Baleswar and Keunjhar Garh
Mayurbhanj District presents a Picture of many millennia in the human history. It occupies a unique position being endowed with lush green vegetation, different fauna and rich cultural heritage. The soil of the district has a rich mineral base and is home to the Similipal Biosphere, which is famous for the Project Tiger. Mayurbhanj is popularly known being administered by ony two contemporaneous medieval ruller families named as "Mayurs" and "Bhanjas" in unbroken continuity for over a thousand years, until the merger with the state of Orissa on 1st January,1949.
Simillipal: 60 km from Baripada is the wildlife sanctuary surrounded by forests, springs, mountains and Waterfall. Sanctuary has tigers, deers, elephants and other animals in their original habitat. Visit Simillipal 

Devkund : A Beautiful and enchanted Picnic Spot in lap of Natural Environment of Water Falls, Deep Forests and High Mountains around. Visit the place and get recharged
Khitching: Temple of Goddess Chamunda is situated at a distance of 150 kms from Baripada. The structrure of the temple with it’s monolitheic pillars of Chaulakunj, exacaved size of Biratgarh and the museum are the visiting places.

Mantri: 36 kms from Baripada and known for the temple of “Kikatua Vaidyanath ". Baripada: It is the Headquarter of the Mayurbhanj District. Ruins of ancient forts and Jagannath temple are the tourist’s attractions.

Kichakeswari Temple: This temple is situated at Bahalda, 16 km from Baripada. Goddess Kichakeswari is worshipped here.

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LIPU said...

There is a very good picnic spot as well as a ashram of alekh mahima in mayurbhanj. which in the border of mayurbhanj as well as odissa on the bank of subarnna rekha river. that should to be mention on this well known maurbhanj diary.

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