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Famous Places of Angul District of Odisha ( Orissa ) See Nalco and Thermo Electric Power Plant and Enjoy Tikarapada Wild Life Sanctuary, Satakosia

In South : Nayagarh
South - West : Baudh
West : Sambalpur
West - North : Deogarh
North - West : Sundergarh
North - East : Keonjhar
East : Dhenkanal
South - East : Cuttack

Angul District
Angul is one of districts of Orissa a state of India. The city Angul is the district head quarter. Angul is popular as industrial capital of Orissa and modern out look of people.
If you see map of Orissa the Angul, will be seen at the heart of the Orissa is an integral part of the state sharing the rich modern culture, tradition and socio-economic development of the state. This district was formally formed out of the former undivided Dhenkanal district on the date of April 1, 1993 . Angul district lies between 20° 31 N & 21° 40 N latitude and 84° 15 E & 85° 23 E longitude.

The district has a total area of 6232 sq. km.
Population of 11, 39,341 as per 2001 census
Males - 5, 86,903,
Females - 5, 52,438
Population Density : 179 per sq. km.

It is sorrounded by Dhenkanal and Cuttack districts in the east, Deogarh, Kendujhar and Sundargarh in north, Sambalpur and Sonepur in west and Bauda and Nayagarh in the south side.The district is abundant with minerals and natural resources, which ultimately help the district to contribute maximum amount of revenues to the state and central government. Angul, The district headquarters is about 150 kilometers from the state capital Bhubaneswar. It is situated on the National Highway No 42, making it well accessible from all parts of the state. The East Coast Railways is also passed in this district connecting Bhubaneswar and Sambalapur and ultimately every corner of India.

Anugul - You can visit Budhi Thakurani Temple built on a small hill and Recently a huge Jagannatha Temple known as Saila Srikhetra has also been built near the Budhi Thakurani temple. This Temple is made as the exact replica of Puri Jagannath Temple and is very popular all over the state.

Tikarapada: It is 60 km from Angul, Gharial Crocodile Sanctuary and Satakosia George of river Mahanadi around lush green forest. Visit Tikarapada Wild Life Sanctuary

Regular bus services are available from Angul to Tikarapada, via Badakera and Jaganathpur. Besides one can take a taxi service from Angul to Tikarapada, via village Ogi, Tainsi, and Jaganathpur and probably this is a comfortable route.This site is popular among the tourists as a trekking hotspot.

Bhima Kunda- This is another tourist place of Angul district, situated about 28 kilometers from the town of Talcher. One can see the sleeping statue of Lord Vishnu on the river bed of Bramhani.

Nalco: Beautiful Industrial Town Sheep sorrounded by Natural Beauties with Forests and High Hills and Rivers.

Satakosia Sanctuary : Satakosia Sanctuary is sorrounding to both side of River Mahanadi.

Name,  Address and Phone / Fax / Email  of Hotels available in Angul , Orissa 

Hotel Prasanti :Turang, Angul Tel:-233051,233052, Fax:- 233554,233451 E-mail:-hppl-pani@sify.com

Hotel Santi: Bus stand, Angul Tel: 230386, 230622, 232932 Fax:-231386, 230158

Hotel Durga: Turang, Angul Tel:-232652,230155, Fax:-232652E-mail:-hoteldurga@sify.com

Hotel Ganapati: Nalco Nagar, Angul Tel:-220061 Fax:-220464

Hotel Razz: PTC Square, Angul Tel:230067,234341 Fax-232070

Central Lodge: Daily market,Angul  Tel:-230378

Bikram Lodge: Madanmohan Padhi Lane, Angul  Tel:-230200, 232071

Jagannath Lodge: Nalco Chhack, Angul Tel:-220913

Hotel Goutam Vihar: Main road, Angul Tel:-230537,234596 Fax:-230138

Hotel Sandhya: Main Road, Angul Tel:-231357, 220255

Hotel Aurovilla: Circuit House, Angul Tel:-236335,236735 Fax:-236688

Hotel Swagat: Nalco Nagar, Angul Tel.-222913,223498 FAX-222592

Namara Palace: 7th line Amalapada, Angul. Tel.- 233839, 232837 E-mail:hotelnamra @sancharnet.in

Airbat guest House: 6th Line Amalapada, Angul Tel.-230111, 234623 Fax-230779

Hotel Shiv Sagar: Shanti Bazar, Angul Tel.-309511

Kadambini Cottage: Shanti Bazar, Angul.Tel:234371,9437030469(M)
Way side Amenities Centre,: Banharpal At-Narendrapur, Via-Meramundali, Dist. Angul

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Saurabh Sen said...

Thanks a lot for the Hotel names and contact numbers. Can anyone recommend which of these are the best to stay with family. Plan to stop for a night with family at Angul (to get Satkosia/Tikarpada nature camp permit) before driving/proceeding to camp.

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