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Famous Tourist Places of Gajapati District, Visit to See Famous Hot Spring , Natural beauties of High Hills and Forests and King's Palace.

Map of Gajapati District of Orissa

Gajapati District:

Gajapati district envelopes a total area of 4325 sq km. The region is positioned between 18.45º east-19.40 º west latitude and 85.48 º north- 84.27 º south longitudes. While the entire district has a population 5, 18, 448, the population density of the place is 116.66 persons per sq km as per census 2001. Due to its agro-climatic conditions, Gajapati gains a large amount of its revenue through the agricultural sector. Also agro-processing and horticulture industries add to the economic wealth of this region. Among a wide array of sightseeing spots, Adarsh Krushi Farm, Brundaban Palace, Serango, Gandahati, Mahendragiri and Chandragiri are of prime interest in Gajapati.

Gajapati district has been named after Maharaja Sri Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayan Deb, who was the Ex-Raja Sahib of Paralakhemundi estate and the 1st Prime Minister of Orissa State, again who is remembered for his contribution in formation of a separate Odiya Speaking Area as Orissa province and inclusion of Paralakhemundi estate in Orissa. Gajapati district has come into effect from 2nd October 1992. Priorly it was a Sub-Division of Ganjam district.
Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayan Deo, Maharaja of Paralakhemundi was the direct descendant of the historic Gajapati kings of Orissa ruled for more than seven centuries. During their rule the boundaries of Orissa extended from the Ganga in the North to Udoyagiri in Nellore district in the South. Kolahomee, one of the sons of Kapilendra Deo, the Gajapati king of Orissa came to this part of Paralakhemundi and founded the Raj family of Paralakhemundi in the last half of the 15th Century.

Gajapati district is lying between 180.46’ North & 190.39’ North latitude and 830.48’ East & 840.08’ East longitude. The area is adjacent to boundary of Andhra Pradesh towards South, Ganjam district on the East, Rayagada district on the West and Ganjam and Phulbani districts on the North.

Taptapani: It is situated at a distance of 54 km. from Berhampur and is famous hot sulphur spring surrounded by natural sceneries.

Gandahati Water Fall: A natural water fall in deep forest environment.

Paralakhemundi : King's Palace and Beautiful Town.

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