Monday, July 5, 2010

Koraput District of Odisha

Jeypore: 21 kms from Koraput. Ruins of old palaces are the importance of this place. Darbar hall in the palace has good collection of Antique in ivory, silver, sandalwood, rosewood, gold and paintings.

Duduma: 65 kms from Jeypore and 77 kms from Koraput. The magnificent waterfall is regarded as the famous Machhyatirtha.

Bagra: 9 km from Jeypore. Three waterfalls of Kolab river at Bagra starting from Kilkura or the 300 feet plato jump over one another with great speed from a height of 30 feet.

Gupteswar: 65km from Jeypore, cave is famous for the shrine of Lord Gupteswar (Shiva). The natural scenery of this place attracts the pilgrims.

Nandapur: 5kms from Koraput, the great image of Ganapati and throne with 32 steps are the main attractions of this place.

Deomali Peak: Deomali Peak is situated at adistance of 35 km from Koraput with an elevation o 1,672 meter. It is the highest peak in Orissa and the tallest in the whole of the Eastern Ghats. Deomali is dotted with streams and deep valleys, and dence forest.

Koraput Town: Also known as “Sabar Shrikshetra”, the modern Jagannath Temple has come up on a hilltop. The Tribal Museum behind the temple caters to the tourists about the culture and heritage of the tribals.

Gupteswar Temple: Cave shrine of Lord Shiva is situated on a lime stone hill on the bank of river Kolab, surrounded by natural Scenery. Visit Gupteswar

Dumuriput: A village stands between Koraput and Sunabeda road. Sri Ram Temple situated in the locality is widely known for the highest kneeling Hanuman Statue in Orissa.

Kolab Dam: Kolab is at an altitude of about 3000 feet above sea level on river Kolab, stands the Kolab Reservoir generating Power. The place is attracting people for weekend scenery and boating.

Visit to see Old Palace, Water Falls and Water Resorvoirs, Famous Shrine of Gupteswar and High Hills.


krushna chandra said...

i am live in Damanjodi,near Koraput.Koraput is the best town of request to all of the people of Koraput don't forget Koraput.Be proud of a Koraputia.

asit said...

Koraput is like a heaven in this earth.

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