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Know and Explore Orissa now became Odisha the language is Odia

Orissa, the actual pronunciation in co local language is ODISHA , the place for ODIA peoples as it was constituted on the basis of language, taking all the ODIA speaking areas together, of India during English Rule on 1936 1st April. Earlier it was famous as KALINGA.

Orissa is situated on the eastern coast of India, Surrounded by West Bengal in North East, Bihar in North, Chhattishgarh and MandhyaPradsh in West, Andhra Pradesh in South and the Sea, Bay of Bengal in East.

You may visit 30 Districts of Orissa

River Mahanadi, the Great River of Orissa, and The River Brahmani, Baitarini and Rusikulya are in next to Mahanadi are flowing from west to east and falling in the Bay of Bengal Sea.

The Biggest and most famous Lake in Orissa is the Chilika Lake. It is largest Salty and fresh water Lake in Asia. It is situated in adjacent to Bay of Bengal, and only a narrow land wide about 100 to 200 meters of sand and forest of Ukally Potash is separating the Lake and sea between. A Mouth of Chilika at Arhhakuda/Arakhakuda is the only way where the sea water is entering to Chilika Lake. More >>> Photos Islands

Orissa is one of greatest historical land, is known for the Kalinga War at near Dhauli Mountain and bank of River Daya held during (273-232, BC) where the psychology of “win with violence” of The then Great King, the Asoak was turned towards peace lover and accepted the teaching of Lord Buddha in this soil of Orissa, the monument of Budha and temple is now situated on that spot as Dhauli Giri ( Dhauli Mountain). More ...

Orissa or ODISHA or KALINGA or UTKAL, you may call in any name is famous for its past splendors and contemporary expression.

Utkal, a Name of ancient orissa and it is derived from Odiya word of “UTKARSA”
Means excellence or finest in art, handicraft, sculpture, song, dance, music, love as well as War. Earlier, the people of orissa were also excellent in business and were visiting Java, Sumatra, Borneo and Balli Islands crossing the Bay of Bengal for selling their artistic products. Here it may express you a theme of Akshya Mohanty a great musician of orissa for writing and singing sweetest song in Oriya Light Music.


Anga Deshara sadhee eeeee
Banga Deshara chudi eeeee
Kaling Deshara Sadhaba Pua Mu uoooo
Boita Deichi Melli. eeeee


Sarees are from Anga (Name of Country, now it is Part of Orissa in western part.)
Bangals are from Banga (Name of Country now it is West Bengal)

And I am from Kalinga, (Name of Country now it is Orissa)
And have opened my ship for sailing.

The Khurda Garh a name of ancient fort was famous as it was the last freedom fort in India, when English Empire was conquered all the great forts of India.

Orissa, the essence of India, right from its root, blessed with eye capturing nature, rich minerals, world famous temples, simple living of people, finest art craft ,sculptures and music.

The World famous and highest temple of Lord Jagannath at Puri and Famous and fine tipped work of the Sun Temple at Konark is enough for inland and foreigners to fix a mind to make a trip to Orissa obviously to India.

The Holy City PURI is famous world wide for Lord Jagannath (The Lord of Jagata or Lord of Universe) and it’s Highest Temple in the World. More>>>

Again Orissa is famous for its, tradition, dances, music, handicrafts, temple architecture and sculpture as well as the peace loving people, who are excellent in work and simple in living and hospitable mind, are now mixed with modernity with traditional value. You can find the modern Indian achievement in form of Hirakud Dam at Burla, Sambalapur, Rourkela Steel Plant at, Rourkela, Sundergarh, Fighter Aircraft Unit at Sunabeda, Koraput, Rare Earth Unit at Gopalpur on Sea, Berhampur, Ganjam, Missile Testing Unit at Chandipur at Sea, Baleswar, Pradeep Port at Paradeep (The greatest Port of India), and the Utkal University, at the state capital, Bhubaneswar as educational base and proud of India are all gathered and strengthening this soil.

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