Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tourist Spots of Baragarh District, Visit to see Famous Temple of Nrusinghanath and Kedarnath

Bargarh District:

Bargarh District was created as a district on April 1st 1993, divided from the mother district Sambalpur. Bargarh is one of the developed district of western Orissa which is developed in agriculture, industry, and trade. Bargarh is prosperous due to the Hirakud Irrigation Project. Mahanadi, Jira, Jhanu are some of the great rivers that flow through the district making it more prosperous place. Baragarh is also enriched with the resources like Sambalpuri Saree handlooms, Bandha cottage industry, Cement factory, Sugar factory and spinning mills etc. Bargarh is well known for its Dhanu Yatra and Debrigarh, Devdarha, Gaisima, Ganjapali, Nrushimhanath and Papanga are some of the tourist centres of Bargarh district.

Bargarh Town is the Head Quarter of the district and this place is well connected with Road and Rail. The National High Way (NH 6) is leying through this Town. Bargarh Railway Station of East Coast Railways will be only 4 KMs away from the Mid Town.
The district has an area of 5832 km², and a population of 1,345,601, with a population density of 231 persons per km². All-season irrigation from Hirakud dam on the Mahanadi River makes the northern half of Bargarh District rich in agriculture, mostly rice.
Bargarh district has 12 blocks. The district is famous for a 10-day long open-stage drama, Dhanuyatra, stage is life sized taking Bargarh Town, Jira River and Ambapali Village based on the life and times of Lord Krishna, culminating in the death of King Kansa. It is also famous for centuries old handloom industry manufacturing a trade-mark textile form called Sambalpuri.
The people speak Sambalpuri, a dialect of Oriya. There is a 13th century temple at Nrusinghnath where, as the only instance of its kind in the world, Lord Vishnu is worshiped in a feline incarnation.

Nrusinghanath Temple: It is 110 km from Baragarh. This temple was built by Sri Baijal Dev Bikari, the king of Patana during fourteenth century. This temple is famous in all over the Orissa for its Panaromic Position at Gandhamardhan Hill which is Ramayan Fame and for its statues carved on its outside wall.

Kedarnath Temple: This temple is 36km from Baragarh at the foot of famous Bara hill. This temple was built by Sri Dakhsin Ray, the dewan of Ajit Singh, the king of Sambalpur between 1695 to 1765. It is one among the Asta Sambhu temples. Behind this temple there exist the remains of of Kedarnath fort.

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