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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Visit a Hot Spring and Famous Lord Hatakeswar at Atri Near Baghamari , Khurda , Bhubaneswar

Atri is name of a small village famous for Hot Spring and Famous Shrine of Lord Shiva Hatakeswaar is near Bhagamari on the State High Way from Khordha to Nayagarh, Balangir nearer to Begunia situated in 20 degree 15'N and 85 degree 30'E. It is by road about 13 km from Khurda and 2 km from Baghamari which is connected with a pukka road throughout the year. Surrounding with paddy fields a hot spring with hot bubbles of water and air is comming up from the ground with a strong odour of sulphor, which pervades the locality. It is known the temperature of the spring water is about 55 degree Celsius. The soil at the spring and for a considerable distance round it is composed of alluvium, of marl and laterite.

The water of the hot spring is being collected in a reservoir which is connected with outlets for over flow of water. The radius of the reservoir is about 10 feet and the depth is 15 feet. The water is clear and stones lying at the bottom of the reservoir are visible when the sun rays fall upon the water. There is a belief that the Lord Shiva will bless any barren lady with a child with the miraculous power of removing the curse of barrenness from women, if she searches and eat whatever her hands could catch then the belief is such they would be blessed with child within a year. Most of Baren Lady searches and find any nut or fruit from the water of the hot spring where People throw coconuts, betel nuts, and other fruits and flowers as offering. Normally women come to the reservoir before dawn, at about 3.00 a.m., and search in the reservoir bed for fruits, nuts, etc.

The famous temple of Hatakeswara is situated near-by and the popular folklore is the said hot-spring is the hot breath of Lord Siva Hatakeswar, where Sivaratri and Makar Sankranti festivals are the auspicious functions organized and are attended by a large number of people. The Makar Sankranti festival lasts for about a fortnight where a big market works with great sales. Even if in this modern age you can find different conventional household articles are being gathered for sale.

On the Sankranti day nearly twenty thousand people came to the mela. The festival is managed by a local committee. A bathing complex has been constructed by the Tourism Department.

How to Reach: The Place is about 2 KM away from Baghamari on the Main Road which is connecting Khurda – Nayagarh and the distance of Baghamari from Khurda is about 13 KM, and about 36 Km from Bhubaneswar the State Capital of Odisha. Baghamari is well connected with Govt and Private Buses from Bhubaneswar and you can find Buses within one hour interval for Nayagarh. At Baghamari you can find Auto Rickshaws or Rickshaws to visit the Place or you can hair a vehicle from Khurda or Bhubaneswar for your own convenient.

Visit Kapilasa Mountain a Famous Siva Pitha and Tapobana a Pilgrimage of Mahima Dharma in Dhenkanal District of Orissa, India

Kapilash is famous for Siva Pitha and Tapoban menas Forest or Park for Yoga and Meditation, the birth place of Mahima Dharma, when Mahima Gosain reached Kapilash Siva Pitha and started Atma Yoga Tapo and could see Lord Mahima in 1862 and started Mahima Dharma.

The holly Mahima Ashram of Gosain is there now also for Saints of Mahima Dharma and also is being used as Bati Ghara. Every Year a Annual Function and Yatra is being performed there on 10th Day of Bright Half of Kartika month (Oct-Nov). Deep Forest High Mountains and Streams are all the composition of beautiies of Kapilash is attracting people to visit or to have a picnic with piligrim there.

Kapilash is situated in the north east corner of Dhenkanal town at a distance of 26 Km from the district head quarters. The temples are situated in height of about 2239 feet from the sea level. The temple is 60 feet in height. There are two approaches reach at the temple. One is through climbing 1352 steps and the other is 'Barabanki' or the travel twisting way. Narasinghdeva I constructed the temple for Sri Chandrasekhar in 1246AD.The temple has a wooden Jagamohana. Sri Ganesh, Kartikeya, Gangadevi, etc. Patita pavana Jaganath also remain in the temple as 'Parsa deva'. Lord Biswanath temple is also situated in Kapilas. According to some scholors this temple is older than the Chandrasekahr jew temple, hence it is known as 'Budha linga'. There are many legends about Kapilas pitha and its significance. History says it was the ashram of Kapila muni, to some scholars it is the second Kailash of Lord Siva. Dridhar swami who wrote commentary on Srimad Bhagavatham stayed there. There are some monasteries in the premises.

How to Reach: It will be about 100 KM from Bhubaneswar. Dhenkanal the District Head Quarter will be about 80 KM from Bhubaneswar and it is well connected with National High way and Indian Railways, you can find Taxi to visit Kapilash which will be about 26 KM from Dhenkanal. You can also visit Maha Binayak via Tangi and Chatia to Kapilash.

Visit Gupteswar famous for Shrine of Lord Shiva nearRamagiri, Koraput, Jeypur of Orissa enriched with natural beauties, High Hill Ranges, Deep Forest

Gupteswar is a famous cave shrine of Lord Shiva. It is located at the top of a limestone hill named Badudi Hill which is about 500 meters above sea level.

The place is surrounded by a dense forest of Sal trees and flanked by Kolab river, and Sabari River, a 2 m high Shiva Linga stands in the cave since unknown times means it is created from nature locally says Patal Futa. The shrine is called Gupteswar which means the ' Lord Siva of Hidden Place.'. It is so named because it was lying hidden in the cave up to 1665 for a very long period.

History: In 1665 the King of Jeypur State Maharaj Sri Bikram Dev was got a Order from Lord Shiva in dream to find out the Hidden Place where the Lord Shiva was established. Then King started searching all forests and hills there around and got the Holly Shrine in a cave and started worshiping since then. The Great Maha Shiva Ratri is being celebrating every year.
One can reach it by climbing the 1000 steps flanked with rows of champaka trees. The entrance of the cave is about 3m wide and 2 m in height. There are also several other caves nearby. Inside the second cave there is a large statue called Kali Gai (Black Cow) some people worship it as Kamadhenu the divine cow means who fulfills any wills of devotees, One have to wait there with outstretched palms under the Panha of Kali Gai to collect drops of water which fall only at long intervals and getting a drop of water from Kali Gai is the bestow of God to be blessed with all happiness and prosperity.
The Place is popular with the name of Gupteswar or as Gupta Kedar in the vicinity, this holly place is endowed with unusual panoramic natural beauty, and is associated with Shri Ramachandra the great hero of the epic Ramayana. According to mythology, the linga was first discovered by Lord Ram when he was roaming in the then Dandakaryana forest with wife Sita and brother Laxman and later worshipped it calling it Gupteswar. The poet Kalidas too, described the scenic beauty of Ramgiri forest where the cave temple is referred to in his famous ‘Meghadutta'. The nearby hill has been named "RAMAGIRI.
However, with the passing of time, the temple was unused since the King Sri Bikram Dev searching to get it. Lingam was being worshipped by the tribes of Koraput region. During Shivaratri Celebration Gupteswar Temple draws over 200.000 devotees from Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Chattisgarh. People suffering from incurable diseases come here to worship the god and remain here for months in the hope of getting cured.
Other Attraction Places: Never forget to see the near by places, which are also having great value for your visit Gupteswar.
Paravadi: Paravadi means Para: Pigeons and Vadi: Rack means the Rack for Pigeons. Where you can find thousands of Pigeons of different color living there and popular folklore is that the Pigeons living there are having a great moral and religious value in their behavior. And it is also believed that some of pigeons are living since the mythological age.

Sabari River: Sabari means the feminine word of Sabara the local name of Tribal people and called so in Oriya. The ever floated River Sabari floating in high stone base gives most attraction with fear.
Children’s Park: A children’s Park is maintained there for visitors.

Medicinal Garden: A Garden is maintained there with thousands of species of Rare Medicinal Plants and it is a better place to recognize some rare Plants there.

Tiger Cave: Out of many caves a cave is named Tiger Cave where tigers were living then.
Rama Kunda and Sita Kunda: During Rama Banabasa Sri Ramachandra and Devi Sita and brother Laxman was living in Ramagiri Hill for Months and Sri Rama and Devi Sita was bathing there to worship Lord Shiva in separate ponds now they called so Rama Kunda and Sita Kunda.

Rama Pada , Hati Pada, and so many caves are there to visit.
How to Reach: It will be about 50 K.M from Jeypur. One can find the way to Gupteswar at Ramagiri on the way to Baipariguda from Jeypur. As the Jeypur and Koraput are connected with National High Way and Indian Railways from Vijaya Nagarm in Andhra Pradesh you can reach there in either means. And you can find Night Bus Services from Bhubaneswar to Koraput and Jeypur and even upto Baipariguda on the way to Malkanagiri. You can find Taxi service and Lodgging and broading facility at Jeypur and Koraput to visit the Places around Koraput.

Approximate Distances from Important Places in Road

Bhubaneswar – 610 KM
Berhampur- 440 KM
Koraput- 68 KM 
Jeypur- 52 KM 
Jagadalpur 58 KM 
Raipur- 380 KM 
Vijayanagaram 190 KM 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chandaneswar Shiva Temple of Baleswar District , Odisha

CHANDANESWAR: It is situated in Balasore district of Orissa / Odisha, is famous for Lord Shiva located in Chandaneswar, Baleswar, Odisha. The popular and holy shrine of Lord Chandaneswar is being worshiped  here . This place is not only popular at people of Balasore District but also in Odisha, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. A great annual fair is being celebrated during the Pana Sankranti  or  Maha Vishuva Sankranti  the first day of the  Odia calendar.  A large number of devotees and pilgrimages from all over the country visit this temple during this period. The Festival is Locally called as Uda Parba,Nila Parba after worshipping Nilakanth Shiva. Thousands of people gather around the temple and keep fasting for several days to fulfill their wishes. This place sees crowded with hundreds of devotees every day and thousands on festive occasion like Chadak mela for Darshan.

How to Reach:  Regular transport is available from Jaleswar in Orissa and from Digha in West Bengal. Nearest rail head is Jaleswar 43 KMs away from Chandaneswar and It is connected with a good road from Balasore  , which is  93 KMs. and Digha  6 KMs.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gandharadi Temple or Charisambhu Temple Near Boudh District of Odisha

Gandharadi Temple / Chari Sambhu Temple 
Charisambhu: nown as Jagati, has the temple of Lord Charisambhu Ananta Vishnu.
Architectural Marvel : One of the architectural marvel seen in this temple that , small windows or skylite  like  ways are designed in the Wall of Mukhasala Temple, from where you can see the another skylight or window in opposite wall and the both skylite seems alike in size, where normally one can expect as it would be appear smaller one.

This Temple is very Popular and People the local districts come to worship around the Year.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lingaraj Temple in Old Town , Bhubaneswar Orissa Odisha

Lingaraj Temple in Old Town , Bhubaneswar Orissa Odisha
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Panchalingeswar a Beautiful PicNic Spot and Holyplace of Baleswar district of Orissa /Odisha

Baba Panchelingeswar, The Linga can be touched in side the stream water.

Beautiful Mountain with Rocks attracts thousands of Picnicers every Year. Orissa Tourism

Panchalingeswar a Beautiful PicNic Spot and Holyplace Lord Siva near Baleswar district of Orissa

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Vedavyasa a holistic Place near Rourkela of Orissa on the confluence of the rivers Sankha and Koel.

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Vedavyasa a holistic Place near Rourkela of Orissa on the confluence of the rivers Sankha and Koel, Vedavyas is not only a place of natural beauty but also considered a ‘Tirtha Sthana’, a place of religious sanctity opposite site of Rourkela Town. A vedic Ashram and a school on the lines of Gurukula Ashram are the added attractions of the place. An ideal picnic spot, it is 5 km from Panposh.

Vedavyasa Mela : Usually this function held during the Month of February and this Mela very Popular and Enchanting

Stay at Rourkela

The Mayfair Garden, a picturesque hotel, is set in sylvan surroundings of lush green fruit trees and natural flora. It has the charm of a farmhouse and is coupled with the sophistication of modernity. Located on the state highway in the down town area it is the brightest spot and hottest destination in town., Panpose Road, Rourkela, Orissa 769004, Phone- 0661 2520001

3 km from Airport; 5 km from Rourkela Railway Station; 5 km from Bus Stand

Hotel Deepti ( Government Approved), 5 km from Rourkela Airport; 3 km from Rourkela Railway Station; 2 km from Rourkela Bus Stand, This hotel is with all facilities within reach of general people on the heart of the Steel city (Adjoin to the Ring Road)Ph-500243
Hotel Brindaban- Bisra Road, Rourkela, India, Pin - 769001,Tel : 508920, 508921.
Hotel Ajanta- A hotel for general peoples.Ph-522836
Hotel Radhika- A hotel with all modern facility situated in the heart of market area , walkable distance form both Railway station and bus stand and very near to the Rourkela steel Plant.Ph-510130
Hotel Apsara- A hotel side to the Railway station and the Rourkela Steel Plant. Ph-510286
Hotel Chandralok- Ph-510822
Hotel Solan- Ph-510351
Hotel Shyam- A hotel within reach of a general peoples budget on the heart of the Steel City.Ph-510337
Hotel Anurag- Rourkela main market ,Ph-510521
Hotel Nidhi- Ph-500796
Hotel Delux- Ph-510351
(OTDC) Panthanivas- A Orissa Tourism Hotel in the heart of the town with a very beautiful Hill View and very near to Indira Gandhi Park And Ring road.Sector-5, Rourkela, Dist.Sundargarh, PIN-769 005, Tel.91-661-648280/646568.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Leaning Temple of Lord Shiva at Huma, Sambalapur , Orissa

See the Architectural Marvel of Temple Design " Leaning Temple of Huma" at Huma , Sambalpur

Saturday, September 20, 2008

How to Reach at Patora by Road Rail or Air, a beautiful and Famous Place of Nuapada District of Orissa (Odisha)

How to Reach Nuapada is western most district of Odisha and it is about 535 K.M from Bhubaneswar via Dhenkanal, Angul, Sambalpur, Bargarh. You Can find Private or Government Buses to reach Nuapada and from Nuapada , you can hire a Taxi to reach the spot.

Air: Nearest Airport Rajpur of Chhatishgarh 130-Kms

Bhubaneswar the state capital of Orissa - 535-kms.
There is an airstrip at Gotma 7-kms and 4-kms respectively from Nuapada and Khariar Road.Rail: Nearest railhead is at Nuapada Road 3-kms on Vizag-Raipur Route on East Coast Railway. Road: Nuapada is connected with all weather motorable roads to Bhubaneswar, Orissa and Raipur, Chhatishgarh and various other cities of the state NH 217.
From Nuapada it is around 18 KM away towards Dharambandha.

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