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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hirakud means Island of Diamond near Sambalpur !!! Where a Dam has been costructed on the river Mahanadi for Multipurpose activities

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Hirakud means Island of Diamond !!! Where a Dam has been costructed on the river Mahanadi for Multipurpose activities . Hardly 20 minutes drive from Sambalpur is the dam. Photography of the dam is not allowed from security point of view,
The Hirakud Dam is a composite structure of earth, concrete and masonry. It is the longest major earthen dam in the world measuring 24 km including dykes, standing across the river Mahanadi. The main dam has an overall length of 4.8 km spanning between two hills; the Lamdungri on the left and the Chandili Dunguri on the right. The dam is flanked by 21km long earthen dykes on both the left and right sides, closing the low saddles beyond the ajoining hills. The dam and dykes together measure 25.8 km. It also forms the biggest artificial lake in Asia, with a reservoir holding 743 km² at full capacity with a shoreline of over 640km.
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Cattle Island exists in one of the extreme point of Hirakud Reservoir, a natural wonder. It is near Kumarbandh village of Belpahar-Banharpali range which is about 90 km from Sambalpur. By motor launch from Hirakud Dam, it is closer by 10 km via the river. The island is nothing but a submerged hill, and prior to Hirakud Dam construction, it was a developed village. Only cattle inhabit the island. During the resettlement period, villagers left some of their cows and bulls behind; when the dam construction was over the cattle settled down on the hill-top. By the passage of time the nearby area filled up with the reservoir water, turning the hill-top to an island. Being away from mankind, the cattle are now wild, very swift and not easily caught. Living on a hilltop with dense forest, they are larger than tame cattle. Almost all are white in colour. Nearby residents attempt to hunt these animals from time to time, but these hunts are rarely successful. Though descended from tame cattle, these animals provide a contrasting picture of this breed of animal returning to life in the wild.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Debrigarh : Fort of Goddess , a Wild Life Sanctuary of Bargarh District , Odisha

Debrigarh a place in a peak of Barapahar (a sum of 12 mountains) hill of Bargarh District, and the name “Debrigarh” means “The Fort of Goddess” The position and density of forest attracts Govt. to establish an Wildlife Sanctuary and notified in 1985. The Debrigarh peak is about 2267 ft in height. Once upon a time it was a noted safe hiding place of many eminent personalities, during their revolutions. Especially Veer Surendra Sai the freedom fighter who was also living here during his fight against English rule and captured here in 1864 by British soldiers. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bagha Irrigation Dam Site a Beautiful Picnic Spot, in lap of Deep Forest and Natural Environment in Bauda District of Odisha, India.

Bagha Irrigation Dam site is attracting thousands of Local Visitors to have Picnic there around the Year. The Panoramic Picturesque of the water body and Deep Forest will enchant you for the day. You will find visitors every day organizing Picnics there.
The Dam has built on the River Bagha whose catchment area lies on the hundreds of high Hills of the Phlubani districts. The dam is about 187 Meter and the water has spread about 1 KM around. Park of Fruit Trees around the Dam and in Colonies will attract you to stay there for another day or to have a visit again. If you trek insight the Forest it is chance of seeing a wild animal. The spectacular view of Deep forests and High Hills with sun Rise or Sun Set with condensed white smokes from the roof of thatched houses will erase your all day to day life unwanted vibrations.

You can also be attracted towards the simple living styles of Tribal Peoples living around the site.

How to Reach: The Dam site is situated at the Sagada Village of Bauda District. It will be about 23 KM away from Sonepur via Manamunda in east. And it is about 45 KM from Bauda the district Head Quarter via Bausuni in West –South direction. The distance from Bhubaneswar to Bausuni will be 260 KM and Sonepur will be 280 KM. Both Manamunda and Bausuni is on the way of State High Way from Bhubaneswar to Balangir. And the High Way is in its progress to be National High Way shortly. You can find Night Journey Govt. Buses from Bhubaneswar to reach Bauda, Bausuni, Manamunda or Sonepur in early on the Morning and you can rent a Car or Trekkers to reach the spot.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

How to Reach at Patora by Road Rail or Air, a beautiful and Famous Place of Nuapada District of Orissa (Odisha)

How to Reach Nuapada is western most district of Odisha and it is about 535 K.M from Bhubaneswar via Dhenkanal, Angul, Sambalpur, Bargarh. You Can find Private or Government Buses to reach Nuapada and from Nuapada , you can hire a Taxi to reach the spot.

Air: Nearest Airport Rajpur of Chhatishgarh 130-Kms

Bhubaneswar the state capital of Orissa - 535-kms.
There is an airstrip at Gotma 7-kms and 4-kms respectively from Nuapada and Khariar Road.Rail: Nearest railhead is at Nuapada Road 3-kms on Vizag-Raipur Route on East Coast Railway. Road: Nuapada is connected with all weather motorable roads to Bhubaneswar, Orissa and Raipur, Chhatishgarh and various other cities of the state NH 217.
From Nuapada it is around 18 KM away towards Dharambandha.

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