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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves - The earli School of Jain Monks, now famous Place for Mahima Dharma Visit Bhubaneswar Orissa Odisha

Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves - The earli School of Monks Bhubaneswar Orissa

Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves are rock cut caves excavated in two adjacent hills stand separated only by a narrow road at Khandagiri Chakka of Bhubaneswar at a distance of around 6 km from Bhubaneswar Bus Station.  ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) has carried out some extensive repair work inside the caves. There are 33 rock cut caves in all. 18 are in Udayagiri cave whereas 15 are in Khandagiri caves. The magnificent caves are said to be built in the 2nd century during the reign of King Kharavela of Chedi Dynasty. They were carved out as residential places for Jain Monks. They were discovered only in 1825 by A Stirling. Many of the caves have beautiful carvings that reveal a lot about its origin and past. Inscription and carvings on the walls show that they once served as Jain Monasteries. Few caves also show connection to Buddhism.

Udayagiri Caves

Udayagiri Hills which means 'Sunrise Hills'. You will find caves at different levels of the hill.Udayagiri hill which is 135 feet tall was earlier called Kumari Parvata  There are 18 caves in Udayagiri starting from the base of the hill itself. All the caves are numbered and many of them are also named.

The main and the most attractive caves is situated at the base itself. Named as Rani Gumpha, it is one of the few double storied caves in these hills. 'Rani Gumpha' or 'Queen Cave' is the largest cave and has gone under extensive repair work. The carvings on the wall generally depict scenes of celebration on king's victorious return. There are religious carving as well as scenes from the royal courts. Jain symbols are also found at many parts.

Ganesh Gumpha which is situated directly above Rani Gumpha is another major cave. The hall strongly resembles a Buddhist chaitya hall. The figures on the wall clearly show that they were once the worship halls for Jain monks. Other interesting cave is Bagh Gumpha and Hathi Gumpha. The entrance to the Bagh Gumpha is carved in the shape of a tiger's open mouth and is visually quite splendid. Though Hathi Gumpha is not as appealing as others but it has great importance historically. A 17 line Brahmi inscription tells us about the expeditions and victories of King Kharavela.

Khandagiri Caves

Whereas 118 feet high Khandagiri hill was known as Kumara Parvata.Khandagiri hill houses 15 caves of which Ananta Cave is the most impressive one. Along with the caves, there are a couple of Jain Temples as well. Even these caves are numbered with few are being named. One thing to notice is that most of the caves are named based on the carvings on the walls of the caves. Like Cave 1 and 2 are named 'Tatowa Cave' as there are carvings of two parrots on the door arches. The caves have figures as well inscriptions on the walls. Then comes the main Ananta Gumpha. The cave is named after carvings of two serpents on the entrance. To save the cave from falling, there have been few additions done as a part of restoration work. The carvings on the walls of the cave depict figures of women and children, athletes, lions, bulls and many other animals. The carvings are different in all the caves. Carvings and structure of some caves tells us that they were once used as dormitories for Jain ascetics.

Tourist Information

The caves are situated right adjacent to Bhubaneswar. So it is not a problem at all to reach here and are a good option for a day excursions from the capital city. The caves are open from sunrise till sunset. There is a nominal entry fee for the caves. The caves can be visited throughout the year but the best time to come here is between October and March.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Visit Sarankul of Nayagarh is Famous for Shirine of Ladukeswar or Papularly known as Ladu Baba. Orissa

Singhadwara of Lord Ladu Baba

The Famous Temple of Lord Ladukeswar, popularly called as Ladu Baba is situated at Sarankul of Nayagarh district of Orissa, Odisha, The king of Nayagarh, Ladukeswar Sing Mandhata constructed this temple. On Jagar (Maha Sivaratri) day a great fair celebrated here every year. This place will be about 100 kms from Bhubaneswar on the Nayagrah- Aska Road, 13 kms away from Nayagarh town in west- south direction. Ladu Baba is famous at the people of Orissa and you can find crowd of people here waiting to see the Lord. People from all over Orissa come here to have Worship in many occasions and to celebrate the major festival Mahasivaratri, the place aglow with thousands of Dwipa (Light of Dwipa) on the occasion of Mahashivaratri.

You can stay at Nayagarh Town the District Head Quarter of Nayagarh District where many Hotels  available and You can avail Taxi Cars and  Private n Govt Buses to visit the Place.

Nearest Rly Station : Bhubaneswar , Khurda Road,

Visit Kantilo of Nayagarh District of Orissa and have blessings of Lord Nilamadhav on the ban of River Mahanadi.

The Temple of Lord Nilamadhaba at Kantilo is very old and famous Bishnu (Vaishnav) temple Standing elegantly on the banks of the Mahanadi, top of the twin Rocky hills with a scenic surrounding of green forests and wide sand bed of river. Lord Nilamadhaba occupies a prominent position in the cult of Lord Jagannath. You can see a constant flow of holy water from the feet of Lord Nilamadhaba. The Place is among all he most popular picnic spots in Orissa and it will be 65 K.M. away from the capital, Bhubaneswar via Baghamari and Kalapathar and 33 kms from Nayagarh town. Maghasaptami celebrated here in grand scale. Manufacturing of Brass and bell, with metal utensils are famous here.
Lord Siddheswar is also highlight of the place.

Best  place for Bol Bom Siva devotees , taking water from Mahanadi.

Famous  for Maghasaptami Festival,  Brass and bell metal utensils.

How to reach:-

• 65 kms  from Bhubaneswar , by bus.

•33 km from Nayagarh.

•12 km from Khandapara.

Accomodation:- You can stay at Nayagarh Town , where many Hotels are available with variant  Room fascilities like VIP, Double , Single AC, Dormitory  and Single Non AC price ranging from Rs.1000 to Rs.50/-

Address and Phone Number of Hotels in Nayagarh Town :

Hotel Trinath,
Main Road, Nayagarh,
Ph- 06753253563

Hotel Safari International,

Main Road, Nayagarh.
Ph- (06753)252171

Satkar Lodge,
Main Road,Nayagarh.
Ph- (06753)252266

Asutosh Lodge,
Main Road, Nayagarh.
Ph- (06753)252370

Janata Lodge,
Main Road, Nayagarh.

Hotel Padma,
MainRoad, Nayagarh.
Ph. (06753)252140

Panthika Sarankul

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Devkund Water Fall a Beautiful Picnic Spot , in Udala division of Similipal Forest Range of Mayurbhanja District of Orissa can be visited via Nilagiri / Udala from Panchlingeswar.

Devkund :

Devkund Water Fall a Beautiful Picnic Spot , which  is a part of the Udala division of Similipal Forest Range can be visited  via Nilagiri / Udala from Panchlingeswar. It is 90 km from Lulung, 69 km from Kuldiha and 87 km from Balasore. From Balasore there are regular bus services to Udala (59 km). From Udala there are jeeps for going to Devkund at a distance of 28 km. The last 5 km trail is through a dense forest surrounded with hills. The lake formed by a waterfall jumping from a height of 50 ft to the Devkund.

There are four other falls too and each of them makes a Kund or lake so there are five Kunds in total; and that explains the name—Pancha Kunda (Place of five lakes).

Climbing up more than 100 steps from Devkund, at the source of the river, there is the temple of Devi Ambika Mata (Durga temple), which is worth seeing. Pujas are still performed in the temple built by the kings of Mayurbhanj in 1940.

The chirping sound of known and unknown birds, the multi-coloured butterflies add to the charm of Devkund.

Devkund, because of the difficult conveyance suffers from ignominy and the tourist map does not mention it at all. Sadly enough, there is no accommodation at Devkund.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Balighai beach is located about 8 kms from the temple town Puri towards Konark on marine drive road.

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The Balighai beach is located about 8 kms from the temple town Puri towards Konark on marine drive road. This famous picnic spot is attracting thousands of visitors as its popular amongst both  the tourists and locales due to its clam quite panaromic view with shy Baliharina deer,  a gentle river lined by Casuarina trees and a desolate crashing ocean coast. The Sea Turtle Research Centre is another important attraction of this beach.At the mouth of river Nuanai, the beach is in close proximity to Chaurasi- a site of the shrines dedicated to Laxminarayanan, Amareshras and Baraha. Baraha is a fierce deity with the face of a boar. Its origin dates back to 9th century AD and is worshipped according to tantrik practices.

This river mouth is sometimes became dangerious due to tidal force or quick sands.Cautious should be maintained. Moreover you will be enchanted here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Visit Konark is one of the Seven Wonders of the World in Odisha, India

Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark constitute the Golden Triangle of tourism in Orissa. The Konark is amoung them with the world famous Sun Temple. It is indeed an epic in stone. Today, this it is preserved like a wonderful gem as a monument of World Heritage. Konark is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
Konark (lat. 19.53'N; long. 86.06'E) is a small town in Puri district. Sea beach of the Bay of Bengal is about 4 kilometer away. It is 70 km from Bhubaneswar in the direction of south-east. You can find the way in left at Pipili which is 15 Km away from Bhubaneswar on the road to Puri. The name Konark is derived from the word Kona+Arka=Konark, which means the Arka (Sun) of Kona (corner), the corner being that of Trikona or Triangle on the bank of the River Kushabhadra. Again it may be known from if that place is in any specific angle is being noted to that of the sun.

To Visit Konark you can easily reach by road from either Bhubaneswar or Puri which are important stations on the East Coast Railway. You can find rented car or bus to visit from either place. The Orissa Tourism Development Corporation has provision of luxury coaches to Puri and Konark on a one-day conducted tour. You can visit all the year round but October-March is the ideal time to visit Konark.

It is said that the temple was built at a cost of twelve years' revenue. Twelve hundred workmen toiled twelve long years to complete it.

There is again the fascinating story of a country boy, is a saga of courage and sacrifice of a 12 Year Old boy named Dharmapada or Dharama, the son of Bisu Maharana, the chief mason, who fixed the kalasa or Mundi (The Head of the Temple) at the top of the temple, Where all the workmen were failed to do so in despite of repeated attempts, but the spirited boy seeing his father Bisu Maharana, in agony, did the impossible feat at midnight. And for the shake of the humiliation of (Bara Saha Badhai) 1200 workmen he flung himself into the sea. So that it often called a phrage in colocal language that “Bara Saha Badhei re Dai kimba Pua re Dai” Either You are responsible for 1200 workmen of responsible for your son only?

Trilochaneswar Temple of Jajpur the Shakti Pitha and Kingdom of ancient Kaling Empire.

Trilochaneswar Temple of Jajpur

Visit Jajpur the Ancient Kingdom of KALINGA

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jogeswar Siva Temple at Jogisarda, which is

Jogeswar Siva Temple at JogisardaIt is situated in the village Jogisarda in Loisingha Police Station, four miles from Loisingha. Jogeswar Siva is widely renowned not only in Balangir district but also in the neighboring district of Sambalpur and devotees come here in large number to practice penance by fasting days together and lying prostrate on the floor of the temple with the hope of getting boons. The temple was the work of former Zamidars of Loisingha.

How to Reach : This Place will be 26 K.M.s from Balangir towards Sambalpur in North. You will find Govt and Private Buses from Balangir /Bargarh/Sambalpur throughout the day time.

Ranipur Jharial a Shakti Sthal of ancient times with more than 50 ruined Temples of 64 Yogini.

Ranipur Jharial
There are extensive ruins of medieval monuments at Ranipur Jharial. There is an out-crop of flat rocks on which large number of temples are perched. The out-crop forms a gently rising elevation of about 200 feet at its highest point. In ancient times about 120 temples were in existence on the spot near the bank of the tank. At present hardly 50 temples could be counted and most of them are found in decaying condition. The largest temple of the group is that of someswara Siva Temple. It was constructed by a famous Saiva Acharya named Gagana Siva whose inscription is found on the itat of of the temple. The period of construction of someswara Siva temple at Ranipur Jharial was the middle of the 9th century A.D.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Visit Odagaon famous for Lord Raghunath or Lord Ramachandra in Nayagarh District of Orissa, Odisha Visit and have the blessing of The Lord.

Temple of Lord Raghunath

Odagaon and Raghunath is a conjoint name and often called with one another at peoples of Orissa is famous for the Temple of Lord Raghunathjeu. It is one of the famous Temples in Orissa dedicated to Lord Ramachandra. Ramanavami is the most important festival celebrated here.

Odagaon is about 120 K.M. from Bhubaneswar and 26 kms away from Nayagrah (town) in west- south direction, and about 45 K.M. from Tangi on National High Way. It is said that the renowned poet of Orissa Upendra Bhanja mediated here and attained perfection in the Rama Taraka Mantra. This temple was built around the Year 1903.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

How to Reach at Patora by Road Rail or Air, a beautiful and Famous Place of Nuapada District of Orissa (Odisha)

How to Reach Nuapada is western most district of Odisha and it is about 535 K.M from Bhubaneswar via Dhenkanal, Angul, Sambalpur, Bargarh. You Can find Private or Government Buses to reach Nuapada and from Nuapada , you can hire a Taxi to reach the spot.

Air: Nearest Airport Rajpur of Chhatishgarh 130-Kms

Bhubaneswar the state capital of Orissa - 535-kms.
There is an airstrip at Gotma 7-kms and 4-kms respectively from Nuapada and Khariar Road.Rail: Nearest railhead is at Nuapada Road 3-kms on Vizag-Raipur Route on East Coast Railway. Road: Nuapada is connected with all weather motorable roads to Bhubaneswar, Orissa and Raipur, Chhatishgarh and various other cities of the state NH 217.
From Nuapada it is around 18 KM away towards Dharambandha.

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