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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Harishankar a Famous Picnic Spot, Temple, Forest with vast medicinal pants and Piligrimage of Orissa in Bolangir District, India

Harishankar : Hari the Name of Lord Bishnu and Shankar, the Name of Lord Siva, the Temple is Meant for both Bishnu and Siva, idol of Union. Again it is learnt that when the great disciple of Ramachandra in Ramayan the Great Epics of India , the great hero Hanuman was flying with Giri Gandhamardhan means the Great Mountain called Gandhamardhan from Himalayan Range which one was full of medicinal plants and was required for the treatment of Laxman, who was at death during Rama Ravan Fight at Sri Lanka, a part of mountain was fallen there and now the people is also calling in same name Gandhamarchan and now it is also with rich medicinal plants.

The Mountain is about 30 KM in Length, 1.5 KM in height and 10 KM in width and enriched with Alumina is creating a platue like plane on the top with valuable Sal, Non Sal woods including hundreds of medicinal species and it is maintaining a good ecological balance to its surrounding Orissa and Chhatisgarh state. And hundreds of Tribal family are earning their rosi roti (Fooding and Clothing) through selling valuable forest products.
The spectacular ever green dense forest, flowing of natural spring and the presence of Jala Devata, Harishankar and Temple creating a great pilgrimage and picnic spot for visitors attracting hundreds of visitors daily to the Place.
Slipping on the stone with running water at Harishankar will give you a remarkable memory of the life.

How to Visit : Harishankar is about 70 KM from Balangir in the west direction through Patnagarh. Again Balangir is about 330 KM from Bhubaneswar in west via Khurda, Nayagarh, Dashapalla, Bauda, Sonepur. As Balangir is well connected with Indian Railways and Buses from Bhubaneswar you can reach easily either by train or bus, from where you can rent a Taxi for visiting the Place.

Folks are enjoying Lunch under the deep forest and of the Gandhamardhan mountain

Mr Papu is Playing with Unknown Girl Kids of Chaatisgarh at Harishankar

Harishankar is in Balangir District of Orissa, situated near to the western border of the State. Don't forget to plan to visit Nrushighnath nearly 40 KM away from Harishanar. The Nrusinghanath Temple is situated just adjacent to Harishankar in Opposite side of Gandhamardhan Hill.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Baunsa Bana" Planted Bamboo Forest on the Bank of the River Ang, A Beautiful Picnic Spot on the way to Balangir from Bargarh Orissa

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See Video the sand beach of the River Ang and the Thick Bamboo Forest , a beautiful Picnic Spot just on the bank of the River and near to High Way connecting Balangir and Bargarh of Orissa. Thick Bamboo grooves and deep shadow, spectacular river view will enhance your spirit of Picnic, and mood for Love for Nature.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jogeswar Siva Temple at Jogisarda, which is

Jogeswar Siva Temple at JogisardaIt is situated in the village Jogisarda in Loisingha Police Station, four miles from Loisingha. Jogeswar Siva is widely renowned not only in Balangir district but also in the neighboring district of Sambalpur and devotees come here in large number to practice penance by fasting days together and lying prostrate on the floor of the temple with the hope of getting boons. The temple was the work of former Zamidars of Loisingha.

How to Reach : This Place will be 26 K.M.s from Balangir towards Sambalpur in North. You will find Govt and Private Buses from Balangir /Bargarh/Sambalpur throughout the day time.

Ranipur Jharial a Shakti Sthal of ancient times with more than 50 ruined Temples of 64 Yogini.

Ranipur Jharial
There are extensive ruins of medieval monuments at Ranipur Jharial. There is an out-crop of flat rocks on which large number of temples are perched. The out-crop forms a gently rising elevation of about 200 feet at its highest point. In ancient times about 120 temples were in existence on the spot near the bank of the tank. At present hardly 50 temples could be counted and most of them are found in decaying condition. The largest temple of the group is that of someswara Siva Temple. It was constructed by a famous Saiva Acharya named Gagana Siva whose inscription is found on the itat of of the temple. The period of construction of someswara Siva temple at Ranipur Jharial was the middle of the 9th century A.D.

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