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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Visit Chilika riched with many beautiful Islands near to Rambha on Bay Ganjam District Orissa

Rambha a Name of a Town situated at the southern end of the Chilika Lake. Rambha is famous as the bay riches with a number of Islands and its enchanting panoramic beauty. Rambha was best the picnic ground of Britishers during their rule. You can find many islands popping out of vast stretch of blue water and each Island has got some story to tell. It will be an excellent memory of your visiting history if you do visit Chilika and its sites of Island trip as each island has got some uniqueness. There is a Panthaniwas at Rambha run by OTDC. You can visit many places from Rambha Stay and can gather many memorable pleasant trips with help of local community boatmen as experienced guides.

How to Reach: Rambha is on National High Way NH-5 and with a Rail Way Station of East Coast Railways, Hence It is well-connected in all weathers. The National High Way is connecting Calcutta to Chennai, in Orissa it is Bhubaneswar to Berhampur, if you have selecting to visit by road you can find Buses towards Berhampur from Bhubaneswar any time and can reach with in 2hours of Journey. All Express Trains have no stoppage there so select Trains if you are traveling by train, where, you can have very charming view of Chilika on the way to Rambha.
The following Places are nearer to your Rambha Stay may be visited.


It is Located at about 3.0 KMs away from Rambha OTDC Bungalow. You can find an architectural marvel there that a conical pillar and a small room has constructed on a submerged mass of rock near Ghantasila hill. The Place has unique panoramic charm can hunt you to be inclined towards nature. Mr. Snodgrass, the then Collector of Ganjam under the East India Company has built that for his office work with recreation. The pillar was constructed to put a light on the top. The water spread around the Beacon Island is very charming, surrounded by the mountain ranges of eastern ghat.


This Island is located near Rambha Bay between Badakuda means Big Island and Somolo Island. It is a pear shaped island. It is also known as "Sankuda Island” means Little Island. The remnants of a decade bungalow constructed by the king of Kalikote still exist on this island. Mr. Snodgrass the then Collector of Ganjam used to occupy frequently this Bungalow. The island was full of greenery and place of attraction to visit and to do his office work in a peaceful and charming environment. The flora fauna of the island is very much interesting as a number of rare plants are still found on this Island.


It is also located near Rambha Bay near the Sankuda Island. It is 5 K.M. away from Rambha Jetty. It is otherwise known as "Badkuda Island”. Britishers were used this island for picnicking. The waters body around the island is very clear and a luxuriant bed of red and green macro algae grow on the bed. One limbless lizard was found here which was an endemic species from this island was named after this Island.

Situated in the central and Southern sectors of the lagoon, these islands are swamped remnants of the Eastern Ghats. Though rocky, they are rich in flora and fauna. Dolphins are often sighted on the peripheral waters of Somolo Island. A scenic and unique backdrop to Somolo is the Khalikote hill range.

It is situated in the southern sector of Chilika. This is a hillock with huge exposed hanging rocks. The Local people called as “Chadhei Haga Pahad “It is 4 KMs away from Rambha Tourist Bungalow, and 1 Km away on the Eastern side of the Ghantasila hill. The island is covered with herbs, shrubs, trees and creepers. The granite rocks are the remnants of Eastern Ghats. Some of the huge rocks are painted white because of the folic acid from the droppings of the Birds. Some residential birds use the island as perching ground. During winter season, the migratory birds are sighted here. It is known for its rich algal communities and few mangrove species.

Parikud, A group of composite islands constitute the Garh Krishnaprasad Block and are ideal spots for nature lovers, during the winter season it becomes an avian grandeur. You can find Govt. Lunch Services of Inland Water Transport Dept. from Balugaon to visit Parikud. It will be about 25 K.M. from Balugaon by water. Or you can hire any motorboat of local people to visit any where in Chilika. Parikud has already been connected from Prayagi, Chatrapur, and Ganjam in road.

Have a Beautiful Experience with “Marala Malini Nilambhu Chilika” and Give a comment on my page.
You may visit Tara-Tarini Pitha : A Shakti and Tantra Pitha famous since ancient time of Gautam Budha and to have a Thrilling Experience with Rope Car to Climb the Hill Top.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ratha Yatra 2011 : Bahuda Yatra onn 11th July 2011,

World Famous Car Festival of Lord Jagannath. 
See here the  view of Bahuda Yatra (Return Journey) of Lord Bhalabhadra , Elder Brother of Lord Jagannath. The Name of Ratha (Car ) of Lord Balabhadra id Deva Dalan .

This Video is the view of Return Journey (Bahuda Yatra ) of Lord Jagannath

This Video is captured when Lordess Subhadra was on the Way to Sri Mandir (World Famous Temple of Lord Jagannath at Puri, Odisha, India )
View of Bada Danda ( Great Road ) of Lord Jagannath at Puri. Widen Road and Crowded mass Looking the Great Festival  Ratha Yatra at Puri, Odisha , India

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Famous Spots of Puri Districts of Orissa (Odisha), the Holistic Place which will bring all your Anxieties to Cool yourselves

Map of Puri district of Orissa

Puri District

Spreading over a total of 3479 sq. km. area, Puri is divided into eleven blocks. The district accommodates 15,02,682 people as per 2001 census. While the male population of the place is 7,63,389, the female population is 7,39,293. The district, with a total paddy area of 1, 70, 658 hectares, is primarily engaged in agricultural activities. Animal husbandry is another major occupation of the inhabitants of Puri. As the sacred land of temples, golden beaches and sanctuaries, Puri receives a huge number of global tourists every year who visit the famous Jagananth Temple, Chilka Lake, Sun Temple, among others.

Sri Jagannath Temple : The World Famous Temple of Lord Jagannath , where you will washout all your sins anxieties and wariness to be able to get salvation. The World famous Car Festival of Lord Jagannath ,the festival of Unit, and Devotion will bring you purity in Life. Besides Jagannath Temple Gundicha Mandir, Lokanath Mandir, Sunara Gauranga Mandir , Daria Mahabir Mandir and Tota Gopinath are endless destinations to visit and earn holiness. There are also a number of holy Ponds like Narendra Pokhari, Markandeya Pokhari, Sweta Ganga and Indradyumn and many Monasteries locally known as Mathas also of touristic interest. Puri the Heaven of the Earth and Puri Beach

Astaranga: Astaranga is situated on the sea beach, 60kms from Puri. Kakatpur: 65kms from Bhubaneswar and is famous for Goddess Mangala Temple. This place is between Astaranga and Konark.

Konark : The world famous Sun Temple as the Wonder in field of Architecture and Sculpture is attracting thousands of visitor daily with Attraction of Clam full Sea Shore The World Famous SunTemple at Konark

Sakhigopal SakhiGopinath: The famous Sakhi Gopinath Temple is at Sakhigopal which will be about 12 K.M from Puri and its told without visiting Lord Gopinath after visiting Lord Jagannath is likely fruitless.

Brahmagiri : The Famous Alaranath Temple where, the Lord Jagannath being worshiped during their illness at Sri Jagannath Temple of Puri. Brahmagiri Alaranath
Satapada: The Famous for Entrance to Chilika Lake and View Dolphins attracting hundreds of visitors’ dailly during winter.

Dhauli Giri and Baudha Shanti Stupa : The famous Hill , where the Great King Ashoak was in fight with Kalinga Fighters and lastly changed towards peace and joined Buddhism and became great preacher of the religion. Dhauli Giri the White Pagoda

Visit Konark is one of the Seven Wonders of the World in Odisha, India

Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark constitute the Golden Triangle of tourism in Orissa. The Konark is amoung them with the world famous Sun Temple. It is indeed an epic in stone. Today, this it is preserved like a wonderful gem as a monument of World Heritage. Konark is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
Konark (lat. 19.53'N; long. 86.06'E) is a small town in Puri district. Sea beach of the Bay of Bengal is about 4 kilometer away. It is 70 km from Bhubaneswar in the direction of south-east. You can find the way in left at Pipili which is 15 Km away from Bhubaneswar on the road to Puri. The name Konark is derived from the word Kona+Arka=Konark, which means the Arka (Sun) of Kona (corner), the corner being that of Trikona or Triangle on the bank of the River Kushabhadra. Again it may be known from if that place is in any specific angle is being noted to that of the sun.

To Visit Konark you can easily reach by road from either Bhubaneswar or Puri which are important stations on the East Coast Railway. You can find rented car or bus to visit from either place. The Orissa Tourism Development Corporation has provision of luxury coaches to Puri and Konark on a one-day conducted tour. You can visit all the year round but October-March is the ideal time to visit Konark.

It is said that the temple was built at a cost of twelve years' revenue. Twelve hundred workmen toiled twelve long years to complete it.

There is again the fascinating story of a country boy, is a saga of courage and sacrifice of a 12 Year Old boy named Dharmapada or Dharama, the son of Bisu Maharana, the chief mason, who fixed the kalasa or Mundi (The Head of the Temple) at the top of the temple, Where all the workmen were failed to do so in despite of repeated attempts, but the spirited boy seeing his father Bisu Maharana, in agony, did the impossible feat at midnight. And for the shake of the humiliation of (Bara Saha Badhai) 1200 workmen he flung himself into the sea. So that it often called a phrage in colocal language that “Bara Saha Badhei re Dai kimba Pua re Dai” Either You are responsible for 1200 workmen of responsible for your son only?

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