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Visit Tara-Tarini Temple, Sakta Tantra and Shakti Pitha, Near Purushottamapur,Ganjam, Orissa , Enjoy Rope Way,and see Panaroma of Rushikulya River

Tara-Tarini Temple on the Top of the Kumari hills on the bank of River Rushikulya near Purushottampur in Ganjam District is one of the most ancient Shakti pithas or Tantra Pitha of Orissa and this Pitha is among number of important Shakta centers in India and Orissa has been considered to be one of the most important Shakti centre.

The Goddesses Tara-Tarini has been regarded as the presiding deity (Ista-Devi) in almost every house in South Orissa. This important and famous Temple is situated on the top of the Kumari hill or popularly known as Tara-Tarini Pahad (Hill). The height of the hill is about 708 ft. and it has spread over 180 Acres of land surrounded by natural beauties. The picturesque panorama of the temple and the river Rushikulya gives enormous pleasure and exciting experience of nature and divinity to each pilgrim or visitors and often enchant its mind and soul. You have to climb 999 steps on the front side of the hill leading to the temple Or you can reach at the top through a pucca road for vehicle on the backside of the hill. Provisions of electricity, drinking water and a small market complex at the site with articles for worship are there to enhancing the facilities.

Ropeway: Recently Ariel Rope Car from Tara Tarini Foot hill to Top of the hill to reach the Temple is providing thrilling experience and enjoying Panorama of the beauties. And Most of the Youngsters have enjoying the facility to reach at the Top of the Hill. This is first inclined Rope Car of Orissa made by Ropeway Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata at their own cost. The Rope Way is with 4 Cabins and four visitors in each cabin can transport 150 visitors per hour and the price of Ticket is only Rs. 15/- per head for to and fro travel.

The Temple is small but beautiful one and famous Shrine of Tara-Tarini. Worship at this important Shakti Pitha has been continuing since time of immemorial. Two stones has been anthropomorphized by the addition of gold and silver ornaments and shaped as human faces are the main Shrine of this temple which represents the Goddesses Tara and Tarini. You can find two fully celebrated and beautiful brass heads as their Living Idol (Chalanti Pratima) have been placed in between two Main shrines. It has been said that from a tribal cult Tara-Tarini have been transformed into Shakti cult through the process of aryanisation, as the name Tara was the Primordial deity of the Mahayana Budhist Pantheon , indicates Budhist influence at the Tara - Tarini Pitha.

You may visit the Jaugada (Samapa), the capital of Southern Kalinga of Ashokan Empire, at a mere distance of 4 Kms from Tara-Tarini Hill. Here you can find the evidence of Buddhist pursuits in this area particularly Ganjam region on the bank of river Rushikulya was very active from the Special Rock Edit of Ashoka.

In ancient time when Sadhavas were visiting Java, Sumatra, Borneo and Bali Islands for their Business from different parts of Kalinga , they were worshiping of Tara-Tarini before launching their sea voyage as the river Rushikulya was main entrance to bay of bengal in South Kalinga. Even to day you can find some ruins of a brick foundation at village Mukundapur on the south bank of river Rushiklya at the bottom of Tara-Tarini Hill and the so called Ganda ( deep river ) which were used for voyage activities.

Out of myths and folklore relating to the origin of the Tara-Tarini Shrine at the hill top. One of the myths says, once Daksha Prajapati the father of Goddes Devi Parvati or Sati arranged a Yagyan to which he did not invited his daughter and her husband (Son in Law) Lord Siva to attend. When Devi knew this from Narada, she visited to the Yangyan site to enquire why her father did not invite her husband Lord Siva to the said Yagyan. Daksha insulted with abusing words to Lord Siva which were not tolerable to Sati. As a result of this she jumped into the Yagyan Kunda and sacrificed her life. When Lord Siva knew this he became very angry and taking the dead body of Sati he started tandaba dance (nrutya) which could have caused Mahapralaya (vast destruction). On the request of the Devatas, the Lord Sani (Saturn) entered the corpse of Sati and disposed it part by part. From which the Shakta Pithas originated at the different places where the organs of Sati had fallen. It is said that the breasts of Sati fell at the Kumari Hills where the famous Tara Tarini Shakta Pitha has stood.

How to Reach: The Tara-Tarini Pitha is situated at a distance of 32 Kms towards north of Berhampur on the south bank of river Rushikulya near Purushottamapur. The Distance of Tara-Tarini Hill is from Jagannathapur on N.H.-5 is about 22 K.M and you can find Cars to reach there. The National High way is connecting Kolkota to Chennai. From Humma on Chilika it will be about 35 KMs. And from Berhampur it is 32 KMs.

NEAREST AIR PORT : BHUBANESWAR, 179 Kms from where you can find Buses in every hour and Trains to Berhampur in south where you can find Cars to reach at the Place. The Buses or Trains will take 2 and half of hour to reach Berhampur.



DIGANTA Inspection Bango
at the foot hill of Tara Tarini Temple managed by the Tara Tarini Trust. Two Rooms well furnished, room rent Rs. 100/- per day, Two ordinary Rooms having Room Rent Rs.60/- per day.

YATRI NIVAS near Simha Dwara managed by the Tara Tarini Trust.
PANTHA SALA at the foot hill of Tara Tarini Temple having 3 bed rooms and one Dormitary managed by Orissa Tourism Department for booking contact Tourist Officer, Ganjam Berhampur . Phone No 0680-2210980.

HOTEL fascilities of any financial range is also available at Berhampur and at same time you can see Gopalpur-on-Sea a distinct sea beach of its kind.


Friends of Orissa said...

Taratarini is one of the oldest Shakti centres of Hindu religion. Situated near Berhampur city andBay of Bengal in Orissa it attracts millions of devotees and tourists each year.

Best time to Visit: October to April
Nearest Railway Junction: Berhampur

Friends of Orissa said...

Taratarini Hill Shrine or Kalyani Dham attracts the highest numer of tourists after Puri Jagannath Temple in Orissa.

It is considered that one who takes the 999 steps to the Hillshrine to have a darshan of Goddess Taratarini earns equal punya of a dip in the holy Ganges.

The believe is that Hindus must have a darshan of any of the sakti Dhams in their life time. The four Sakti Dhams in India are:
Dakhin Kali: Kolkata
Taratarini: Berhampur (Orissa)
Kamakshi: Gwahati (Assam) or
Bimala pitha in U.P.

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