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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Visit Kalijai Temple Shrine of Famous Goddess in Chilika Lake Near Balugan of Khurda District of Orissa,India

KALIJAI TEMPLE:Kalijai temple is situated on an island or you can say a Hill. It is about 18 K.M. away from Balugan in south east direction, the residence of the Goddess Kalijai.Kalijai means Kali + Jai , Kali, the Goddess Kali and Jai a name of a village Girl of Banapur , who was drowned there during her visit to Parikuda Gada for her Marriage. An accidental storm with deep black cloud was drowned her traditional boat there near the hill and vanished. All the Boatmen with her father were alive except that Girl Jai undiscovered!!! Since then many boat men have been listened her low voice during early in the evening there and she became the adorable Goddess of the locality and became respected among Odiya People. Most of the Fisherman Community is worshiping Goddess KaliJai as their “Istha Devi”, Istha means who manages all of Istha (Good) and Anistha (Bad) times. Most of the home tourists know that visit to KaliJai is that’s all to visit Chilika.

How to Reach: Balugan is well connected with East Coast Rail Ways and National High Way (NH-5). Most of all Express Trains have stoppage at Balugan. And You can also find Buses from Bhubaneswar and Berhampur any time and you can find Lodging and Boarding facilities there easily. The Jetty is nearer to both the Train and Bus Station of Balugan and its walkable distance .If you want you can hair Auto or Rickshaw to reach the jetty. To visit KaliJai, Both the Motor fitted Traditional wooden Boats and Modern Boats are available for visitors. The Inland Water Transport Dept.has also providing Motor Lunch for Transportation but the scheduled Day of visit is only on Sunday. It will take 30-45 Minuit to reach KaliJai from Balugan.

You see, you can feel both anxiety of fear with pleasure during your visit with heart bitting.

Chipilima Hydro Power Station and Ghanteswari Temple on the Bank of the River Mahanadi Near Sambalapur, Odisha, India

If you are interested to visit Sambalpur District, the main destinations are Samalai Temple at Sambalpur, Hirakud Dam at Burla, Bakra Mandir or Tilted Temple of Huma See Video , Ghanteswari Temple at Chiplima, Chipilima Water Fall, See Video Ushakothi and Gudguda etc may be visited.

Ghanteswari Temple:

Ghanteswari Temple is situated at the foot of Lamei Dunguri means Lamei a name of a hill, near Chipilima Hydro Electric Power Station, about 33 KM away from Sambalapur in south west direction on the bank of the River Mahanadi. It is famous and attracts lakhs of devotees, picnic parties, excursion groups and visitors to enjoy the beauty.
Name signifies that Ghanteswari means Goddess of “Ghants” means bells and you can also find bells all around the temple where ever you can see.
It is said there were some big bells on the spot and were creating sounds when wind blew strongly to alert navigators about the danger in River Mahanadi, as the river is confluence of three streams of water and forming a whirlpool and creating a danger of drowning of boats there, but after construction of Hirakud Dam the situation of current became safer now.The Calm and serene atmosphere of the place along with cackle sound of the river water is enhancing the attraction of the spot to the lakhs Visitors.

A Popular Folklore:

You can listen about a popular folklore there from the local people that a peasant named Hara Behera of neighboring village Tihikipali has established the temple perhaps during 1650-1670. And the folklore behind it is that the said Hara Behera used to go in to the river to collect black sand from the water with his wife Laxmi. One day he got a rounded stone there and brought it to home. At night he see a dream of a Goddess who came and disclosed that she was the royal hereditary deity of Biru’s estate of Chhota Nagpur, and interested to be established in same place near Mahanadi. And as per instruction of Goddess the Hara Behera established her at Badhiyal Grave under Simuli Lata a creaper near Bakbira Vllage and worshipped as Gramadevi means Village Deity of Jharua Keuta and Dumal communities.

Mode Of Visit: The place is only 12 away from the National Highway from Sambalapur to Bargarh route in left to the NH. You can find Rented Cars from Sambalapur or Bargarh to visit the place easily and economically. And both the Sambalapur and Bargarh is well connected with National High Ways and Railways.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Maa Sarala Temple is located 75 km from Bhubaneswar, at Jhankad near Jagatsinghour in Orissa / Odisha is a Historical Monument of Orissa and India .

The Maa Sarala Temple is located 75 km from Bhubaneswar, at Jhankad near Jagatsinghour in Orissa / Odisha is a Historical Monument of Orissa and India . It is 15 km away from Jagatsinghpur town. The main deity of the temple is Goddess Saraswati  as Sarala. Here Goddess Saraswati is worshiped as Goddess Sarala as a creation of  art and beauty it helps to develop a thinking power mind.

Mahabishuba Sankranti, and Raja Sankranti are the main festivals celebrated here. Visit the holy shrine and seek the blessings of MAA SARALA.The Celestial Mother always fulfills the wishes of her devotees.

She is the goddess who blessed Sarala Das and he became the renowned poet.
 A person wants to visit the temple can get in Sarala Road by bus or train and avail local conveyance to go to Sarala Mandir. The Goddess is famous for her historic presence.Its a very nice place.Many years ago Sarala Dash was able to write with the blessing of "MAA SARALA". During super cyclone the people of jagatsinghpur (town area) ware safe due to the blessings of MAA. One has to visit this place in his life period.

Do't forget here to eat EDLI & DALMA. 

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Devkund Water Fall a Beautiful Picnic Spot , in Udala division of Similipal Forest Range of Mayurbhanja District of Orissa can be visited via Nilagiri / Udala from Panchlingeswar.

Devkund :

Devkund Water Fall a Beautiful Picnic Spot , which  is a part of the Udala division of Similipal Forest Range can be visited  via Nilagiri / Udala from Panchlingeswar. It is 90 km from Lulung, 69 km from Kuldiha and 87 km from Balasore. From Balasore there are regular bus services to Udala (59 km). From Udala there are jeeps for going to Devkund at a distance of 28 km. The last 5 km trail is through a dense forest surrounded with hills. The lake formed by a waterfall jumping from a height of 50 ft to the Devkund.

There are four other falls too and each of them makes a Kund or lake so there are five Kunds in total; and that explains the name—Pancha Kunda (Place of five lakes).

Climbing up more than 100 steps from Devkund, at the source of the river, there is the temple of Devi Ambika Mata (Durga temple), which is worth seeing. Pujas are still performed in the temple built by the kings of Mayurbhanj in 1940.

The chirping sound of known and unknown birds, the multi-coloured butterflies add to the charm of Devkund.

Devkund, because of the difficult conveyance suffers from ignominy and the tourist map does not mention it at all. Sadly enough, there is no accommodation at Devkund.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Visit Maa Metakin Temple , a Beautiful Picnic Spot and Holistic Place in Ullunda Sonepur district

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Visit Maa Metakin Temple, Beautiful Picnic Spot and Holistic Place in Ullunda Sonepur district.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Famous Goddess of Orissa The Maa Tarini of Ghatgaon of Keunjhar District of orissa, Visit the Place , See Video.

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The Famous Goddess of Orissa The Maa Tarini of Ghatgaon of Keunjhar District of orissa, Visit the Place , See Video

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Outlet of Chipilima Hydro Power Station is creating a Water Fall a beautiful Picnic Spot of Sambalpur district Orissa.

The Outlet of Hydro Power Station at Chipilima is creating a Water fall there to fall in to River Mahanadi, Near by the Goddess of Bell Gaghor the Goddess Ghanteswari also attracting thousands of visitor every year to the spot.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Samaleswari Temple of Presiding diety Maa Samalai of Sambalpur of Orissa Visit it and View Video

Samaleswari Temple of Goddess Maa Samalai at Sambalpur of Orissa. See Video

Ghatagaon:Is situated about 50 kms from Jajpur on high way between Keonjhar.The Pace is famous for Goddess Maa Tarini temple in Orissa

This is the Famous Place of Orissa for Goddess Maa Tarini temple. There is also Ghatakeswar Mahesh Shiva temple build near the Tarini temple.

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