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Monday, May 3, 2010

Visit Tikarapada Reserve Forest a Wild Life and Gharial Crocodile Sanctuary & Breeding Satakosia Gorge in River Mahanadi near to Angul Orissa India

Tikarapada Reserve Forest Or Satakosia Wild Life Sanctuary a Nature Tent for all visitor love to be in Lap of Nature and to feel excitiment with Wild Lives. The beauty and panaromic view of the High Hills around with Deep Forest and Wide Sand beach of River Mahanadi will attract you to stay for another day there in the Nature Tent. You will find picnicer and visitors there starting from the Pampasar Gate up to Tikarapada On Mahanadi River.

You will find Tents on sands of the River Bank as a fascility by Satakosia Wild Life Forest Division for Visitors. Big Umbrellas with Tables and Chairs like Five Star Hotels or Resorts are being provided there to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Where you can stay with prior permission of the Forest Department. The Tents providing water and solar light fascility with beds for Two people will offer you scenic delights of the wildlife at its best in both day and night.

Beautiful Tents for Night Stay on the sand  of the River Mahanadi  

The Gharial crocodile sanctuary, situated there on the bank of Mahanadi River and caring habbits of the local people will also be remeberable and tempting. The blue water of Satkosia Gorge and boating in river will show you Tortoise and different water birds with their natural living style. If you are brave enough to trekk around or as an environmentalists or as a photographer then you will not return with a empty hand or mind.You may find as an ideal place for you to practice river rafting and fishing. Travel in this natural environment and experience the call of the wild at every nook and corner of the forest.

Satakosia Wild life Sanctuary Binkey near to Tikarapada a beautiful nature habitat.

Large sand of  River bed bounded with high hills and serpent water body will enchant U at Tikarapada Wild Life sanctuary area.
Eye catching high hills and deep forest around you are totally in Lap of Nature 
You Can Catch the sound of the predators, and your chance to watch the elephant, tiger, leopard, Sambar, Gaur, Spotted dear, Poisoned Snakes if you trekk. You can hear high pitched voices of the tribal clans singing from the adjoining village, renders it all the more natural and mystical. Load your backpack with dry foods, mosquito repellents and drinking water and make your way towards the depths of the forest.

Keep alert lookout for antelopes, as they vanish in a fraction of a second before you could actually catch a glimpse of them.The swamp water of the lake provides a perfect breeding ground for these reptiles.

If You move in deeper in the jungle, you may witness a lone Crested Serpent Eagle gliding in lazy circles, searching for its prey. Or a Hornbills rising suddenly from a tall tree. A beautiful Racket Drongo streaks through the path, its black tail trailing behind. It's a sheer feast for the eyes. The best part of this Forest is the old world charm that it has preserved.

How to Reach: How to Reach: Tikarapada is in west-south direction of Angul Town of Orissa and it will be about 45 KM away. If you count from Bhubaneswar it is about 205 K.M. You may reach to the spot hiring a Car or by Pvt. Bus from Angul as it is well connected in road and rail and is situated on the National High Way which is connecting Bhubaneswar to Sambalapur.If You are visiting from Berhampur then Charichakka a Sqaure of State High Way connecting Bhubaneswar- Balangir- Berhampur, where you can find a Car or Trekker for visiting the Place but you have to cross the river Mahanadi from south to north. You have to call loudly to call a boat man from other side of the river.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Vedavyasa a holistic Place near Rourkela of Orissa on the confluence of the rivers Sankha and Koel.

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Vedavyasa a holistic Place near Rourkela of Orissa on the confluence of the rivers Sankha and Koel, Vedavyas is not only a place of natural beauty but also considered a ‘Tirtha Sthana’, a place of religious sanctity opposite site of Rourkela Town. A vedic Ashram and a school on the lines of Gurukula Ashram are the added attractions of the place. An ideal picnic spot, it is 5 km from Panposh.

Vedavyasa Mela : Usually this function held during the Month of February and this Mela very Popular and Enchanting

Stay at Rourkela

The Mayfair Garden, a picturesque hotel, is set in sylvan surroundings of lush green fruit trees and natural flora. It has the charm of a farmhouse and is coupled with the sophistication of modernity. Located on the state highway in the down town area it is the brightest spot and hottest destination in town., Panpose Road, Rourkela, Orissa 769004, Phone- 0661 2520001

3 km from Airport; 5 km from Rourkela Railway Station; 5 km from Bus Stand

Hotel Deepti ( Government Approved), 5 km from Rourkela Airport; 3 km from Rourkela Railway Station; 2 km from Rourkela Bus Stand, This hotel is with all facilities within reach of general people on the heart of the Steel city (Adjoin to the Ring Road)Ph-500243
Hotel Brindaban- Bisra Road, Rourkela, India, Pin - 769001,Tel : 508920, 508921.
Hotel Ajanta- A hotel for general peoples.Ph-522836
Hotel Radhika- A hotel with all modern facility situated in the heart of market area , walkable distance form both Railway station and bus stand and very near to the Rourkela steel Plant.Ph-510130
Hotel Apsara- A hotel side to the Railway station and the Rourkela Steel Plant. Ph-510286
Hotel Chandralok- Ph-510822
Hotel Solan- Ph-510351
Hotel Shyam- A hotel within reach of a general peoples budget on the heart of the Steel City.Ph-510337
Hotel Anurag- Rourkela main market ,Ph-510521
Hotel Nidhi- Ph-500796
Hotel Delux- Ph-510351
(OTDC) Panthanivas- A Orissa Tourism Hotel in the heart of the town with a very beautiful Hill View and very near to Indira Gandhi Park And Ring road.Sector-5, Rourkela, Dist.Sundargarh, PIN-769 005, Tel.91-661-648280/646568.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Satakosia Gorge of River Mahanadi of Orissa , See the wildfull nature at a close distance where the civilization has not reached to make a blending.

Satokosia gorge, where the nature in its prehistoric wild disposition houses all the phenomena including flora and fauna is a rare place. For, it remains untouched by the lust of civilization.
If the wild animals including Sambar, barking deer and wild boar have made the sanctuary their home, leopards and Royal Bengal Tigers follow the area in their unique style.
Up in the forest near Barmul lies a cave where a 16-feet King Cobra leads a majestic life with his family. The site of the snake king slithering from a tree trunk and drinking from the gorge below where crystal clear water gushes through would send a chill down the spine of any adventurer.
The calmnessof the nature is broken at times by the sweet chirping of rare birds like Horn bills, Fishing Eagles, Crested Serpent Eagles, Racket-tailed Drango, Hill Hyenas (Sunakani an Rupakani) while one can see the rare flying squirrels, Malabar giant squirrels and reptiles like Star Tortoise, King Cobra, , the sanctuary has a water tank, salt lick and fodder style grass, Napier grass and orchard. full protection is provided to wild animals who visit the centre?
There are also tree-top manchans and a cottage for the tourists to view to movement wild animals at night. The part of the Sanctuary situated on Rocket Python, Monitor Lizard, Gharial and Mugar Crocodile. Sitalpani is a spot atop a hill where ice cold water is available throughout the year. It also has the costliest timber species—Rosewood.
Satkosia can be approached from Chhamundia, a 30-Km drove form Gania in Nayagarh district and 120 Km form Bhubaneswar . At Badmul near Chhamundia, the Mahanadi Wildlife Division has constructed an observatory where one gets a panoramic view of the spectacular gorge and the Amazonian expense of the Mahanadi . Eight Km form Badmul lies Kuturi, where the Habitat development for natural breeding centre for animals is located.
Established by the divisionthe northern part of the Mahanadi , includes Mahanadi Reserve Forests (RF) of Nayagarh district and Nandagadu PRF of Boudh District.
Rich in flora and fauna borders the Mahanadi river along the Satkosia gorge which also includes the Gharial Chrocodile Sanctuary. of Tikerpara. A stay in Tikerpara and cruise along the 25 km long gorge with beautiful forests on either side is a a memorable experience.
Species of fauna to be seen :
Rare birds like Hornbills, Fishing eagles, Crested serpent eagles, Racket-tailed Drongo, rare flying squirrels, malabar gaint squirrels, reptiles like Star tortoise, King cobra, Rock python, Monitor lizard, Gharial and Mugar crocodile, tiger, leopard, striped hyena, wild dog or dhole, Indian wolf, sloth bear, sambar, chital, barking deer, mouse deer, chousingha, nilgai, wild pig, gaur, elephant, gharial, mugger, chameleon, terrapins ,poisonous and non-poisonous snakes .One can almost touch the Boda fish and Car fish weighing upto 30 kg, during boat ride
Best time to visit September to March

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baramul a Name of a Village of Nayagarh district, Orissa, on the Bank of the River Mahanadi from where the wonderful Satakosia Gorge has been started

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Barmul -

Barmul is the name of a small village of Nayagarh district is famous due to the magnificent Mahandi gorge starts from here. From Sunakania hills up to Barmul, the route of the river is known as the “Satakosia Ganda (Gorge)’ having a water spread of about 22 km. Satakosia Gorge is a biological shelter and is considered as an important biographical stepping stone in the link between forest species of Central India and South India. It is famous for its unique gorge eco-system and beautiful picnic spot.

How to Reach: Barmul is about 110 km form Bhubaneswar is an ideal place for an outing or for Nature Camp.

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