Monday, October 6, 2008

Daspalla of Nayagarh District Vsit near by Places and especially Kuanria Irrigation Project Site is attracting thousands of Picnicer

Kuanria Dam Site Near Daspalla

Daspalla :
Daspalla is situated 40 kms from Nayagrah and 130 K.M.s from Bhubaneswar, Daspalla the Place of deep forests and high blue hills with incredibly lush flora and fauna. Daspalla is famous for its jungles, animals and jungle products. The Odisha Government has constructed a Irrigation project named Kuanria Dam. It is one of the most interesting Picnic Spots of Orissa . A Deer Park close by kuanria is another attraction for tourists both from Inland and Foreign . Daspalla is famous for Mahabir Temple . The Lankapodi festival is observed here .

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