Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baramul a Name of a Village of Nayagarh district, Orissa, on the Bank of the River Mahanadi from where the wonderful Satakosia Gorge has been started

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Barmul -

Barmul is the name of a small village of Nayagarh district is famous due to the magnificent Mahandi gorge starts from here. From Sunakania hills up to Barmul, the route of the river is known as the “Satakosia Ganda (Gorge)’ having a water spread of about 22 km. Satakosia Gorge is a biological shelter and is considered as an important biographical stepping stone in the link between forest species of Central India and South India. It is famous for its unique gorge eco-system and beautiful picnic spot.

How to Reach: Barmul is about 110 km form Bhubaneswar is an ideal place for an outing or for Nature Camp.

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