Sunday, February 14, 2010

Famous Picnic Spots blessed with a waterfall in Odisha Tourist Places.

Orissa  / Odisha is a blessed with many  rivers basically provided by the monsoon rains. Which create gorges, river valleys, fertile basins and spectacular waterfalls as they pass  through the state to fall in  the Bay of Bengal.

Some welknown waterfalls are  Barenhipani, Joranda, Badaghagra, Sanaghagra and Khandadhar waterfalls are the prominent ones in Orissa. Duduma, Harishankar, Handibhanga, Hatipathar, Khanduala, Miriglotah, Mruga Mahadev, Nrusimhanath, Phurli Jharan, Pradhanpat and Putudi are other minor waterfalls in a state that provides sufficient attraction to be choosed as a PinNic Spot in Winter.

Peculiarity of all these  tourist attractions is each one has a story to tell - of history or mythology - besides being apt for picnics, sightseeing, treks and outings.

You can find many hotels and lodges in the nearby areas of these spots where you can stay comfortably during your tour of Orissa.

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