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Monday, February 15, 2010

Famous Tourist Places of Cuttack District of Odisha , Visit o see Temples, Scenic Spot of Mahanadi, and Island

map of cuttack district
Map of Cuttack District
Cuttack District:

Cuttack City: Business Capital of Orissa. This city has river Mahanadi in the north and river Kathajodi in the south. Barabati Fort, Temple of Goddess Chandi and Barabati Durga can be visited.
Places of tourist interest in Cuttack :

Stone Patching of Cuttack : The river banks of Cuttack are protected by stone revetment, a great engineering marvel of the 11th century A.D. and a remarkable example of ancient technological skill of Orissa.

Barabati Fort : The ruins of a medieval fort with its moat and gate and the earthen mound of the nine-storeyed palace on the bank of the river Mahanadi are noteworthy. Adjacent to the fort are two modern stadiums.

Temple of Cuttack Chandi : Being the shrine of the presiding deity of the city, the temple of Cuttack Chandi is normally visited by every Hindu visitor.

Quadam-i-Rasool : A sacred shrine both for the Hindus and Muslims, Quadam-i-Rasool, having a compound wall and towers at each corner has inside three mosques with beautiful domes and a Nawabat Khana (music gallery). It is an object of veneration for Hindus and Muslims alike.

Dhabaleswar: 35 kms from Cuttack on the bed of river Mahanadi this Shiva temple is situated.
Ansupa Lake : It is a Running Water Lake adjacent to River Mahanadi near Subarnapur Village of Cuttack District, which is a Natural Bird Sanctuary for many Migrated and Local Birds. This Place is about 68 K.M.s away from Cuttack City and 98 K.M.s away from Bhubaneswar.

Banki: 60kms from Bhubaneswar, Goddess Charchika temple near River Mahanadi.Naraja: Scenic spot on the bank of the Mahanadi with Buddhist images. It is 15 kms from Cuttack.

Bhattarika: 108 kms from Cuttack, famous for the temple of Goddess Bhattarika.

Niali Madhab: 47 kms from Bhubaneswar, Niali is famous for the temple of Sobhaneswar (Shiva) and Madhab (Vishnu).

Simhanath Temple: It is situated in a rocky island in the Mahanadi River at distance of 10 kms from Badamba in Cuttack District. It is also one of the earliest standing temples of Orissa and it shows close affinities both in art and architecture with.

Nemala: 42 km from Cuttack is Samadhi of Acchuttananda.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ansupa Lake near Raja Athagarh of Cuttack District, Beautiful Lake and Bird Sanctuary of Orissa

The small but picturesque lake holds a prominent position like heaven formigratory birds in winter and in the tourist map of Orissa. With the Saranda mountain in the west and river Mahanadi in the south, the Ansupa Lake is a haven for migratory birds in winter. The Panorama of the shadow of Saranda mountain and surrounding bamboo and mango groves on the waters body of Ansupa Lake make it a real thing of beauty. One can have a boating journey or go for fishing in the lake.
It will be about 68 KMs from Cuttack .Nearest Bus stop is Subarnapur 2KMs but you will find very few buses to reach up to Subarnpur . However regular bus services are available up to Athagarh from Cuttack 54 KMs.
The rest 11KMs from Athagarh to Ansupa can be negotiable by Auto Rickswaw or Taxi s on hire.
By Rail : Raja Athagarh Rly. Station will be 20 K.M. apart from the Lake
By Road :Cuttack to Athagarh (54 KMs)
Athagarh to Ansupa (14 KMs)
By Air- Biju Pattanaik International Air Port, Bhubaneswar is 98 K.M.

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