Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kuturi on the bank of Satakosia Gorge of River Mahanadi of Orissa, Arrange a Adventure Trekking, Picnic or Boating

Kuturi is a famous place of Nayagarh district is renowned for its natural beauty with lovely picnic spots under cool mango groves and other shady trees by the side of hillocks and the Satakosia Gorge of Mighty River Mahanadi create Panoramic Picturesque carved out of the high hills, You can imagine, the nature has created such zoological park where animals move in their natural habitat with peaceful spots surrounded by indigenous both decorative and medicinal plants. A Habitat development for natural breeding centre for animals is located as a part of sanctuary is established at Kuturi. The sanctuary has a water tank, salt lick and fodder style grass, Napier grass and orchard. Full protection is provided to wild animals who visit the centre?

Kuturi, is about 8 K. M. s away from Baramul, and 16 K.M. s from Chaamudia Village from where the Satakosia Gorge has started, about 46 K. M. s away from Gania in West and 136 K.M. s from Bhubaneswar. Up to Gania you can find transportation facilities but after Gania in the route of Barmul or Kuturi there is no communication facility other than your own arrangement. The Road is Jeep able and other small wheeled vehicle or Heavy Vehicles will not be suitable for visit.

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