Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Visit Trikut Hill at Kotsamlai to see the Holy Place as Tri Lord was hidden for 144 years under a Cave called Patali Srikhetra near Sonepur of Orissa,

Patali Bije: means The Lord Jagannath had visited Underground as was being hid in side underground Caves. It is learned The Sovanadeva, the King of Orissa fled from the Puri with the images of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra during the Raktavahu invasion and reached his western frontier in Sonepur and buried the images at a place called Sonepur-Gopali, and that after a lapse of 144 years, Yayati Keshari of Somavamsi dynasty got the images dugout, made new images, built new temple at Puri and enshrined them there.
You may call the place as Patali SriKhetra or Patali Jagannath to our omnipresent Lord Jagannath.

Kotasamalai : A place near Sonepur in Ullunda Block of Sonepur District is famous for its holistic approach due to presence of Lord Jagannath for about 144 years and was being worshiped in underground cave at a Hill there as due to insecurity of the SriMandir (Jagannath Temple) and state during Mughole Empire.

Importance became increased: when a committee formed by the SriMandir Executive Committee visited the Place for bring its liveliness through giving touches of development with constant interest of District Collector, Sri Benudhar Das.

How to Visit: Sonepur the Dist Hqr of Subarnapur District is 280 K.M s from Bhubaneswar via, Nayagarh, Dasapalla and Bauda and 300 K.M. via Dhenkanal and Angul, Rairrhakhol on National High Way. Again Kotasamalai is 23 KM away from Sonepur in North. You can hire Cars and Jeeps at Sonepur to Visit Kotasamalai.

Have a Historic & Holistic Feeling, where the omni powerful the Lord Jagannath was kept himself in hide as a Role to teach the society, to how keep away from the abnormal situations. And learn from the place how he was maintained there for 144 Years of Patali Bije.
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